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Popular Culture in Ancient Rome

By Jerry Toner

The Beast Reawakens: The Chilling Story of the Rise of the Neo-Nazi Movement

By Lee, Martin A.

The Roman War Machine (Illustrated History Paperbacks)

By John Peddie

The Western Front, 1915 (VCs of the First World War)

By Batchelor, Peter F., Matson, Christopher

Frightful First World War and Woeful Second World War (Horrible Histories)

By Deary, Terry, Brown, Martin

Colonial Empires and Armies, 1815-1960 (War & European Society S.)

By Kiernan, V. G.

Panorama of the Western Front (Military series)

By Laffin, John

Europe (Continents of the World)

By Flint, David

Continents Of The World: Europe

By Flint, David

An Evacuee's Journey (History Journeys)

By Hepplewhite, Peter

The World Wars: Armistice 1918

By Grant, Reg

How Castles Were Built (The Age of Castles)

By Hicks, Peter, Dennis, Peter

The Witness History

By Ross, Stewart

The Witness History

By Chrisp, Peter, Peter

When This Bloody War is Over: Soldiers' Songs of the First World War

By Max Arthur

Medieval Lives: Knight

By Butterfield, Moira

How Did It Happen?: The Rise Of The Nazism

By Freeman, C

How War Came: Immediate Origins of the Second World War, 1938-39

By Watt, Donald Cameron

Once There Was a War

By Steinbeck, John

War, Culture and Memory: No. 4 (Europe: Culture and Identities in a Contested Continent S.)

By Emsley, Professor Clive

The Gods of Ancient Rome: Religion in Everyday Life from Archaic to Imperial Times

By Turcan, Robert, Nevill, Antonia

Viking Age Archaeology in Britain and Ireland (Shire Archaeology Series)

By Richard A Hall

Operation Mincemeat: The True Spy Story That Changed the Course of World War II

By MacIntyre, Ben

D-Day: The Greatest Invasion - A People's History

By Van der Vat, Dan

Anne Frank: The Biography

By Müller, Melissa, Kimber, Rita, Kimber, Robert B.

The Age of Empire:1875-1914

By Hobsbawm, Eric

Arthur, the Dragon King

By Reid, Howard

Following Hadrian: A Second-Century Journey Through the Roman Empire

By Speller, Elizabeth

Britain at War 1914-1919

By Mair, Craig

Societies in Change Pupils' Book

By Chris Hinton, Tim Lomas, John Hite, Colin Shepard