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History of Germany

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Waterloo: The History of Four Days, Three Armies and Three Battles

By Cornwell, Bernard

1 available

Student Support Materials for History – Edexcel A2 Unit 3 Option D1: From Kaiser to Führer: Germany 1900–45

By White, Alan, Bloomfield, Adam, Leonard, Angela

1 available

The Third Reich: A New History

By Burleigh, Michael

1 available

Friedrich (Artbook)

By Dorling Kindersley Publishing, Friedrich, Caspar David

1 available

Rosa Luxemburg: In Her Own Time ("In Her Own Time" biographies)

By Wendy, Forrest

1 available

Battle of Britain: A day-to-day chronicle, 10 July-31 October 1940

By Patrick Bishop

1 available

Edexcel GCE History: From Kaiser to Fuhrer: Germany 1900-45

By Collier, Martin

1 available

The Terez?n Album of Mari?nka Zadikow

By Dwork, Deborah

1 available

Berlin: The Downfall, 1945

By Beevor, Antony

1 available

Art, Culture, and Media Under the Third Reich

By Etlin, Richard A.

1 available

Epic Sea Battles

By Koenig, William John, Mayer, S.L.

1 available

Battle Story

By McNab, Chris

1 available

Let Me Go

By Schneider, Helga

Germania: A Personal History of Germans Ancient and Modern

By Winder, Simon

Germany 1918-45 (Hodder Twentieth Century History)

By Radway, Richard

Germany 1918-1949

By White, Alan

Germany (Raising Grades in GCSE History)

By Steve Waugh, John Wright

Hitler and Germany (Modern Times S.)

By Elliott, B.J.

An Army At Dawn: The War in North Africa, 1942-1943 (Liberation Trilogy)

By Atkinson, Rick

Final Entries 1945: The Diaries of Joseph Goebbels

By Joseph Goebbels

Nazi Germany (Living Through History)

By Tamis, Richard

New Perspectives: The Holocaust

By Reg Grant, Grant, Reg

The Berlin Wall: 13 August 1961 - 9 November 1989

By Taylor, Frederick

Power and the Idealists: Or, the Passion of Joschka Fischer and Its Aftermath

By Berman, Paul

Hitler and Germany (Modern Times S.)

By Elliott, B.J.

The Villa, The Lake, The Meeting: Wannsee and the Final Solution

By Mark Roseman

East German Distinctiveness in a Unified Germany (The new Germany in context)

By Grix, Jonathan

Germany Between the Wars

By Triggs, Tony D.

Germany (Country Topics)

By Wright, Rachel, Morris, Ting

Access to History: The USA and the Cold War 1945-63 Second Edition

By Edwards, Oliver