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History of India

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By Rothermund, Dietmar, Dolder, Ursula, Dolder, Willi

1 available

European Architecture in India, 1750-1850

By Nilsson, Sten

1 available

The Greeks

By Kitto, H.

1 available

The Penguin Social History of Britain: English Society in the Eighteenth Century (Social Hist of Britain)

By Porter, Roy

1 available

Stones of Empire: The Buildings of the Raj

By Morris, Jan, Winchester, Simon

1 available

Princess: Autobiography of the Dowager Maharani of Gwalior (Lives & Letters S.)

By Scindia, Vijayarje, Malgonkar, Manohar

1 available

Indian Art: A Concise History: 0 (World of Art)

By Roy C. Craven

Liberty Or Death: India's Journey to Independence and Division

By French, Patrick

Rediscovering Gandhi

By Chadha, Yogesh

What Young India Wants

By Bhagat, Chetan

The Silk Roads: A New History of the World

By Frankopan, Peter, Professor Peter

Mughal and British India, 1526-1800 (Collins living history)

By Macdonald, Fiona

Past Historic: India, 1526-1800

By Roberts, Frank

The Places In Between

By Stewart, Rory

Angels of Albion: Women of the Indian Mutiny

By Robinson, Jane

Journey Through India

By Anita Ganeri, Ganeri, Anita

Country Studies: India (Cased)

By Brace, Steve

Troubled World: Conflict: India and Pakistan Hardback

By David Downing

Traditional Indian Textiles

By Gillow, John, Barnard, Nicholas

The Selfish Gene

By Dawkins, Richard, Richard Dawkins

Keeping the Jewel in the Crown: The British Betrayal of India

By Walter Reid

A History of India (Blackwell History of the World)

By Stein, Burton

The Intimate Enemy: Loss and Recovery of Self under Colonialism (Oxford India Paperbacks)

By Ashis Nandy

Speaking Tree: A Study of Indian Culture and Society

By Lannoy, Richard

Hungry Bengal: War, Famine and the End of Empire

By Mukherjee, Janam

1946: The Making of the Modern World

By Sebestyen, Victor

Pakistan (WorldFocus S.)

By Clayton, Elspeth

India (Country Topics)

By Ganeri, Anita, Wright, Rachel, Shackell, John, Millard, Peter

The Penguin History of Early India: From the Origins to AD 1300

By Thapar, Romila

Joseph Ruhomon's India: The Progress of Her People at Home and Abroad, and How Those in British Guiana May Improve Themselves

By The University of the West Indies Press