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History of Ireland

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About Time: Surviving Ireland's Death Row

By Pringle, Peter

Lord Hailsham: A Life

By Lewis, Geoffrey M

The Administration of Justice: Current Themes in Comparative Perspective

By Binchy, WILLIAM, Sarkin, Jeremy

A Farewell to Arms?: Beyond the Good Friday Agreement

By Michael Cox, Adrian Guelke, Fiona Stephen

Literature, Judges and the Law

By Osborough, W. N.

The History and Development of the Special Criminal Court, 1922-2005

By Davis, Fergal F.

The High Court: A User's Guide

By Wood, Kieron

Adventures of the Law: Proceedings of the Sixteenth British Legal History Conference, Dublin (Irish Legal History Society)

By Brand, Paul, Costello, Kevin, Osborough, W. N.

A Star Chamber Court in Ireland: The Court of Castle Chamber, 1571-1641 (Irish Legal History Society Series)

By Crawford, Jon G.

Criminal Justice History: Themes and Controversies

By O'Donnell, Ian, McAuley, Finbarr

Murder Trials in Ireland, 1836-1914 (Irish Legal History Society)

By Vaughan, W. E.

Poynings' Law and the Making of Law in Ireland 1660-1800: Monitoring the Constitution (Irish Legal History Society)

By Kelly, James

Mysteries and Solutions in Irish Legal History (Irish Legal History Society)

By Greer, Desmond, Dawson, Norma

The Winding Up of the Dail Courts, 1922-1925: an obvious duty

By Mary Kotsonouris

Wigs and Guns: Irish Barristers and the Great War: 16 (Irish Legal History Society Series)

By Quinn, A.P., Osborough, W. N.

King's Inns and the Battle of the Books, 1972

By Kenny, Colum

Tristram Kennedy and the Revival of Irish Legal Training, 1835-85 (History)

By Kenny, Colum

The Court of Admiralty of Ireland, 1575-1893: 20 (Irish Legal History Society)

By Costello, Kevin

Reflections on Law and History (Irish Legal History Society)

By Osborough, W. N.

Law and the Emergence of Modern Dublin: A Litigation Topography for a Capital City (History)

By Onsborough, W.N.

'Guardian of the Treaty': The Privy Council Appeal and Irish Sovereignty: 25 (Irish Legal History Society)

By Mohr, Thomas

An Island's Law: A Bibliographical Guide to Ireland's Legal Past (Irish Legal History Society)

By Osborough, W. N.

A History of the King's Serjeants at Law in Dublin: Honour Rather Than Advantage? (Irish Legal History Society Series)

By Hart, A.R.

The Factory Acts in Ireland, 1802-1914 (Irish Legal History Society Series)

By Greer, Desmond, Nicolson, James W.

Explorations in Law and History: "irish Legal History Society Discourses, 1988-1994": Vol 4 (Irish Legal History Society S.)

By Osborough, W. N.

The Bulkies: Police and Crime in Belfast, 1800-1865 (Irish Legal History Society S.)

By Griffin, Brian

Changes in Practice and Law: Celebrating Twenty-Five Years of the Irish Legal History Society

By Hogan, Daire, Kenny, Colum

The Irish Stage: A Legal History: 24 (Irish Legal History Society Series)

By Osborough, W. N.

So High a Blood: The Life of Margaret, Countess of Lennox

By Ring, Morgan

The Stuart Courts

By Cruickshanks, Eveline, Starkey, David