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History of Ireland

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Ireland for Beginners

By Pollock, Eileen, Evans, Phil

About Time: Surviving Ireland's Death Row

By Pringle, Peter

Lord Hailsham: A Life

By Lewis, Geoffrey M

The Administration of Justice: Current Themes in Comparative Perspective

By Binchy, WILLIAM, Sarkin, Jeremy

A Farewell to Arms?: Beyond the Good Friday Agreement

By Michael Cox, Adrian Guelke, Fiona Stephen

Literature, Judges and the Law

By Osborough, W. N.

The History and Development of the Special Criminal Court, 1922-2005

By Davis, Fergal F.

Kings & Queens of England and Scotland

By Fry, Plantagenet Somerset

A History of Britain (Vol 1) At the Edge of the World: 3000BC-AD1603: v.1

By Schama CBE, Simon

Historopedia: The Story of Ireland from Then Until Now

By John Burke, Fatti Burke

Blasket Memories: The Life of an Irish Island Community

By Padraig Tyers

Backstop Land

By Glenn Patterson

The Decline and Fall of the British Empire

By Piers Brendon

The Perfect King: The Life of Edward III, Father of the English Nation

By Mortimer, Ian

Paddy & Mr Punch: Connections in Irish And English History

By Foster, R.

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: Exploring the French Revolution

By Mason, Jack R., Hunt, Lynn

Death of a Soldier: A Mother's Search for Peace in Northern Ireland

By Restorick, Rita

AHistory of Modern Britain by Marr, Andrew ( Author ) ON Mar-06-2009, Paperback

By Marr, Andrew

The Last Enemy

By Hillary, Richard

Steaming to Victory: How Britain's Railways Won the War

By Williams, Michael

"Canterbury Tales" (Oxford Guides to Chaucer)

By Cooper, Helen

Castles (English Heritage)

By McNeill, Tom

Northern Ireland: A Chronology of the Troubles, 1968-93

By Bew, Lord Paul Anthony Elliot, Gillespie, Gordon

Defamed!: Famous Irish Libel Trials

By Davidson, A.J.

Soldier Sailor: An Intimate Portrait of an Irish Family

By Pakenham, Eliza

The Duff Cooper Diaries: 1915-1951

By Duff Cooper, John Julius Norwich

The Invention of Childhood

By Hugh Cunningham, Cunningham, Hugh


By Brendon, Dr Piers

The Men Will Talk to Me: Galway Interviews by Ernie O'Malley

By Cormac O'Malley, Ernie O'Malley, Cormac O Comhrai

The Generation Game

By McWilliams, David