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History of the Renaissance

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Storm from the East: From Genghis Khan to Khubilai Khan

By Marshall, Robert

1 available

Access To History: The Interregnum, 1649-60

By Lynch, Michael

1 available

The Weaker Vessel - Part One

By Antonia Fraser

1 available

The Lisle Letters

By Lisle, Lord, Byrne, Muriel St.Clare, Boland, Bridget, Byrne, Muriel St.Clare

1 available

Seventeenth Century England: Primary Sources v. 1: A Changing Culture

By Hughes, Ann

1 available

Seventeenth Century England: A Changing Culture: Modern Studies v. 2

By Owens, W. R.

1 available

Seventeenth-century Britain (Documents & Debates S.)

By Wroughton, John

2 available

The Life of Thomas More: Book Club Edition

By Ackroyd, Peter

1 available

The English Reformation 1530 - 1570 (Seminar Studies In History)

By Sheils, W. J.

1 available

The Devils of Loudun

By Huxley, Aldous

1 available

Hapsburg and Bourbon Europe, 1470-1720

By Lockyer, Roger

1 available

Ancien Regime: French Society, 1600-1750

By Goubert, Pierre

1 available

Access To History: The Catholic & Counter Reformations

By Randell, Keith

1 available

Years Of Renewal: European History, 1470-1600

By Grossel, David, Lotherington, John, Brice, Katherine, Roberts, Adrian, Steinsberg, Caroline

1 available

Society And Puritanism in Pre-Revolutionary England (Peregrine Books)

By Hill, Christopher

1 available

The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy (Penguin Classics)

By Burckhardt, Jacob, Burke, Peter, Middlemore, S.

1 available

War and Society in Europe of the Old Regime, 1618-1789 (Fontana history of European war & society)

By Anderson, M. S.

1 available


By Wood, Michael

1 available

Cromwell, Our Chief of Men

By Fraser, Antonia

1 available

Access to History Context: An Introduction to Stuart Britain, 1603-1714

By Anderson, Angela

1 available

Tudor Government (New appreciations in history)

By Smith, Alan G. R.

1 available

Lords of the Golden Horn

By Barber, Noel

1 available

The Life and Times of Charles I (Kings & Queens S.)

By Watson, D.R.

Privilege and Protest 1730-1789 (Fontana History of Europe)

By Hufton, Olwen

The Quantum Astrologer's Handbook: a history of the Renaissance mathematics that birthed imaginary numbers, probability, and the new physics of the universe

By Brooks, Michael

Historical Atlas of the Renaissance (Historical Atlas Series)

By Konstam, Angus

Anne Boleyn: In Her Own Words & the Words of Those Who Knew Her

By Norton, Elizabeth

The Dominion of War: Conflict and Empire in America, 1500--2000: Empire & Conflict in America, 1500-2000

By Cayton, Andrew, Anderson, Fred

Lucrezia Borgia: Life, Love and Death in Renaissance Italy

By Bradford, Sarah

[Cultural] Atlas of the Renaissance

By C.F. Black