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History of the Renaissance

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Access to History Context: An Introduction to Stuart Britain, 1603-1714

By Anderson, Angela

1 available

Access To History: The Catholic & Counter Reformations

By Randell, Keith

1 available

Years Of Renewal: European History, 1470-1600

By Grossel, David, Lotherington, John, Brice, Katherine, Roberts, Adrian, Steinsberg, Caroline

1 available

The Devils of Loudun

By Huxley, Aldous

1 available

Seventeenth Century England: A Changing Culture: Modern Studies v. 2

By Owens, W. R.

1 available

Seventeenth Century England: Primary Sources v. 1: A Changing Culture

By Hughes, Ann

1 available

Access To History: The Interregnum, 1649-60

By Lynch, Michael, Michael Lynch

1 available

The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy (Penguin Classics)

By Burckhardt, Jacob, Burke, Peter, Middlemore, S.

1 available

Society And Puritanism in Pre-Revolutionary England (Peregrine Books)

By Hill, Christopher

1 available

The Life of Thomas More: Book Club Edition

By Ackroyd, Peter

1 available

The Weaker Vessel - Part One

By Antonia Fraser

1 available

War and Society in Europe of the Old Regime, 1618-1789 (Fontana history of European war & society)

By Anderson, M. S.

1 available

Ancien Regime: French Society, 1600-1750

By Goubert, Pierre

1 available

Tudor Government (New appreciations in history)

By Smith, Alan G. R.

1 available


By Wood, Michael

1 available

Seventeenth-century Britain (Documents & Debates S.)

By Wroughton, John

2 available

Cromwell, Our Chief of Men

By Fraser, Antonia

1 available

Storm from the East: From Genghis Khan to Khubilai Khan

By Marshall, Robert

1 available

London: Rebuilding the City After the Great Fire

By Baker, T M M

The Stuarts' Last Secret: The Missing Heirs of Bonnie Prince Charlie

By Pininski, Peter

Mona Lisa: A Life Discovered

By Hales, Dianne

Poverty and Vagrancy in Tudor England (Seminar Studies In History)

By Pound, John F.

The Hidden Chapter: An Investigation into the Custody of Lost Knowledge

By Joy Hancox

This War without an Enemy: History of the English Civil Wars

By Ollard, Richard Lawrence

Eyam: Plague Village

By Paul, David

The People's Reformation: Magistrates, Clergy and Commons in Strasbourg, 1500-98


Henry VII (The English Monarchs Series)

By chrimes, S. B.

Napoleon: His Wives and Women

By Hibbert, Christopher


By John Prebble, Prebble, John

Restoration London: Everyday Life in the 1660s

By Picard, Liza