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History of Turkey

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The World War I Collection (Uncovered Editions)

By Coates, Tim

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The Ottomans: Dissolving Images

By Wheatcroft, Andrew

Ephesos: Metropolis of Asia: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Its Archaeology, Religion and Culture (Harvard Theological Studies)

By Koester, Helmut

King Croesus' Gold: Excavations at Sardis and the History of Gold Refining (Scholarly)

By Ramage, Andrew, Craddock, Paul

The Political Economy of the Kurds of Turkey: From the Ottoman Empire to the Turkish Republic

By Yadirgi, Veli

Gardens of Hell: Battles of the Gallipoli Campaign, 1915-1916

By Gariepy, Patrick

Beneath the Dardanelles: The Australian Submarine at Gallipoli

By Basarin, Vecihi

Travels with a Tangerine: A Journey in the Footnotes of Ibn Battutah

By Mackintosh-Smith, Tim

The Looming Tower: Al Qaeda's Road to 9/11

By Wright, Lawrence

Suleyman the Magnificent and His Age: The Ottoman Empire in the Early Modern World

By Kunt, I. Metin, Woodhead, Christine

The Making of the Modern Near East 1792-1923 (A History of the Near East)

By Yapp, Malcolm

The Penguin History of the World: 6th edition

By Roberts, J M, Westad, Odd Arne

The Elixir And The Stone: The Tradition of Magic and Alchemy

By Baigent, Michael, Leigh, Richard

In Search of the Trojan War (BBC Books)

By Wood, Michael

The Great Imperial Hangover: How Empires Have Shaped the World

By Puri, Samir

Great Catastrophe: Armenians and Turks in the Shadow of Genocide

By de Waal, Thomas

The Lion and the Unicorn: Gladstone vs Disraeli

By Aldous, Richard

The Great Fire: One American's Mission to Rescue Victims of the 20th Century's First Genocide

By Ureneck, Lou

City of Fortune: How Venice Won and Lost a Naval Empire

By Crowley, Roger

Blue Guide Turkey Re-print Edition (Blue Guides)

By McDonagh, Bernard

The EU and Turkey: A Glittering Prize or a Millstone? (The Federal Truse)

By Lake, Michael


By Unknown

Sexual Life in Ottoman Society

By Erdogan, Nilgun Sema

Grand Deception: Churchill and the Dardanelles

By Tom Curran, Andrew Bonnell

Turks, A Journey of A Thousand Years, 600-1600,

By Cagman, Filiz

Warfare, State And Society In The Byzantine World 565-1204 (Warfare and History)

By Haldon, John

The Western Shores of Turkey: Discovering the Aegean and Mediterranean Coasts (Tauris Parke Paperbacks)

By Freely, John

Turkey: The Quest for Identity: A Short History

By Feroz Ahmad

Lords of the Horizons : A History of the Ottoman Empire

By Goodwin, Jason

The New Turkey: The Quiet Revolution On The Edge Of Europe

By Morris, Chris