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History of Weapons in World War II

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Flying Bombs Over England

By Bates, H. E., Ogley, Bob

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Jane's Fighting Ships of World War II

By Preston, Antony

The Decisive Duel: Spitfire vs 109

By David Isby

Harrier: How To Be a Fighter Pilot

By Paul Tremelling

British Battleships 1939-45 (1): Queen Elizabeth and Royal Sovereign Classes

By Angus Konstam, Paul Wright (Illustrator), Tony Bryan

Abyss: The Cuban Missile Crisis 1962

By Max Hastings

Heinz Guderian, Paul Harris Achtung-Panzer! The Development Of Tank Warfare

By Guderian, Heinz

American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer

By Kai Bird, Martin J. Sherwin

The Lancaster Story (Story of)

By March, Peter R

Craftsmen of the Army: Volume III

Target London: Under attack from the V-weapons during WWII

By Christy Campbell

Fw 200 Condor vs Atlantic Convoy: 1941-43: No. 25 (Duel)

By Forczyk, Robert, Palmer, Ian, Gerrard, Howard, Bryan, Tony, Brown, Tim

Doodlebugs and Rockets: Battle of the Flying Bombs

By Ogley, Bob

Chariots of War: WW2 Naval Warfare

By Robert W. Hobson, H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh, Stan Johnson

Jane's Fighting Aircraft of World War II

By Gunston, Bill

The Decisive Duel: Spitfire vs 109

By David Isby

Air Battle for Malta: Diaries of a Spitfire Pilot

By Douglas-Hamilton, Lord James

A Higher Form Of Killing

By Paxman, Jeremy, Harris, Robert

Danger Uxb: The Heroic Story of the WWII Bomb Disposal Teams

By Owen, James

The Sherman Tank (Weapons of War)

By Ford, Roger

Most Secret War (Wordsworth Military Library)

By Jones, R. V.

Man is Not Lost

By Richardson, D.

Dresden: The Fire and the Darkness

By McKay, Sinclair

HMS Cavalier: Destroyer 1944 (Seaforth Historic Ships)

By Richard Johnstone-Bryden

Spitfire: A Very British Love Story

By Nichol, John

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Weaponry

By Wills, Chuck

Enigma: The Battle For The Code (Cassell Military Paperbacks)

By Hugh Sebag-Montefiore

Das Reich: The March Of The 2nd Ss Panzer Division Through France, June 1944: March of the Second S.S.Panzer Division Through France, June 1944

By Hastings, Sir Max

Kharkov 1943: 13 (Men & Battles)

By Naud, Philippe

No Parachute: A Classic Account of War in the Air in WWI

By Arthur Gould Lee