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Making Sense of History: 1509-1745

By Fisher, Alec, Clare, John, Kennett, Richard

8 available

Tower Power: Tales from the Tower of London

By Newbery, Elizabeth, Murphy, Clare, Archbald, Tim

1 available

Our Island Story

By Marshall, H.E.

1 available

Illustrated Norse Myths (Usborne Illustrated Story Collections)

By Alex Frith, Louie Stowell, Matteo Pincelli

Voyage to Magical North (The Accidental Pirates)

By Fayers, Claire

Fact Attack 13 Magnificent Monarchs

By Locke Ian

An Undercover History of Spies and Secret Agents (Blast Through the Past)

By Minay, Rachel

An Intrepid History of Explorers (Blast Through the Past)

By Howell, Izzi

Telephones and Mobiles (Technology Timelines)

By Jackson, Tom

Air Disasters (Catastrophe)

By Hawkins, John

London: A Time Traveller's Guide

By Butterfield, Moira

My Revision Notes AQA AS History: USA 1890-1945 (MRN)

By Spiller, John, Ashworth, Neil

My Revision Notes OCR A2 History: Rebellion and Disorder under the Tudors 1485-1603 (MRN)

By Fellows, Nicholas

The Russian Revolution: 1894-1924 (Enquiring History Series)

By Christopher Culpin

Exploring Titanic (Graphic Expeditions) (Graphic Library: Graphic Expeditions)

By Biskup, Agnieszka

Look Inside a Castle: 1

By Conrad Mason, Barry Ablett, Mason, Conrad, Ablett, Barry

Visitor's Guide to Ancient Greece (Visitor Guides)

By Sims, Lesley, Various

Encyclopedia of World History: 1

By Jane Bingham, Fiona Chandler, Sam Taplin, Chandler, Fiona, Bingham, Jane, Taplin, Sam, Various

The Pearl in the Attic

By McCombie, Karen

Blood-curdling Box of Books

By Deary, Terry, Brown, Martin

The Beastly Best Bits (Horrible Histories)

By Terry Deary, Martin Brown, Deary, Terry, Brown, Martin

Annual 2014 (Horrible Histories)

By Deary, Terry, Brown, Martin

U-Boat Hunter (My Story)

By Bryan Perrett

Horrible Histories Annual 2015

By Deary Terry

Infernal Devices: 3 (Mortal Engines Quartet)

By Reeve, Philip

Horrible Histories Annual 2016

By Terry Deary, Martin Brown

See Inside Houses Long Ago (Usborne See Inside)

By Rob Lloyd Jones, Barry Ablett

Hard Nuts of History

By Tracey Turner, Jamie Lenman

Who's Who in Olympic History: 50 Names You Need to Know

By Charlotte Guillain

Digging Up the Past (Usborne Beginners) (Beginners Series)

By Lisa Jane Gillespie, Maria Cristina Pritelli