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Lake Kivu: Limnology and biogeochemistry of a tropical great lake: 5 (Aquatic Ecology Series)

By Descy, Jean-Pierre, Darchambeau, Francois, Schmid, Martin

1 available

The Country Year: A Nature Watcher's Calendar and Field Guide

By Young, Geoffrey

1 available

Secrets of the Seashore (Living Countryside S.)

By Reader's Digest

3 available

A Guide To Whales, Dolphins & Porpoises

By Mark Carwardine, Erich Hoyt, R. Ewan Fordyce, Peter Gill, Mark Carwardine, Erich Hoyt

1 available

Bottlenose Dolphins (Worldlife Library)

By Thompson, Paul, Wilson, Ben

1 available

Loricate Ciliate Tintinnids in a Tropical Mangrove Wetland: Diversity, Distribution and Impact of Climate Change (SpringerBriefs in Environmental Science)

By Sarkar, Santosh Kumar

Lake Kivu: Limnology and biogeochemistry of a tropical great lake: 5 (Aquatic Ecology Series, 5)

By Descy, Jean-Pierre, Darchambeau, Francois, Schmid, Martin

Jellyfish Blooms

By Pitt, Kylie A., Lucas, Cathy H.

Goods and Services of Marine Bivalves

By Smaal, Aad C., Ferreira, Joao G., Grant, Jon, Petersen, Jens K., Strand, Øivind

Handbook on Marine Environment Protection: Science, Impacts and Sustainable Management

By Salomon, Markus, Till

The Ecosystem of Kongsfjorden, Svalbard: 2 (Advances in Polar Ecology, 2)

By Hop, Haakon, Wiencke, Christian

Encyclopedia of Estuaries (Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series)

By Kennish, Michael J.

Atlas of Crabs of the Persian Gulf

By Naderloo, Reza

Freshwater Mussel Propagation for Restoration

By Patterson, Matthew A., Mair, Rachel A., Eckert, Nathan L., Gatenby, Catherine M., Brady, Tony, Jones, Jess W., Simmons, Bryan R., Devers, Julie L.

Chinese Fishes: 28 (Developments in Environmental Biology of Fishes, 28)

By Noakes, David L.G., Romero, Aldemaro, Zhao, Yahui, Zhou, Yingqi

The Muskellunge Symposium: A Memorial Tribute to E.J. Crossman: 26 (Developments in Environmental Biology of Fishes, 26)

By Diana, James S., Margenau, Terry L.

The Hadal Zone: Life in the Deepest Oceans

By Jamieson, Alan

Chlorophyll a Fluorescence in Aquatic Sciences: Methods and Applications: 4 (Developments in Applied Phycology, 4)

By Suggett, David J., Borowitzka, Michael A., Prášil, Ondrej

Lake Pavin: History, geology, biogeochemistry, and sedimentology of a deep meromictic maar lake

By Sime-Ngando, Télesphore, Boivin, Pierre, Chapron, Emmanuel, Jezequel, Didier, Meybeck, Michel

Coral Reefs: An Ecosystem in Transition

By Dubinsky, Zvy, Stambler, Noga

Mediterranean Cold-Water Corals: Past, Present and Future: Understanding the Deep-Sea Realms of Coral: 9 (Coral Reefs of the World, 9)

By Orejas, Covadonga, Jiménez, Carlos

Lake Biwa: Interactions between Nature and People

By Kawanabe, Hiroya, Nishino, Machiko, Maehata, Masayoshi

Biology of Skates: 27 (Developments in Environmental Biology of Fishes, 27)

By Ebert, David A., Sulikowski, James

Special Issue: Age and Growth of Chondrichthyan Fishes: New Methods, Techniques and Analysis: 25 (Developments in Environmental Biology of Fishes, 25)

By Carlson, John K., Goldman, Kenneth J.

Restoration of Lakes, Streams, Floodplains, and Bogs in Europe: Principles and Case Studies: 3 (Wetlands: Ecology, Conservation and Management, 3)

By Eiseltová, Martina

Aquaculture, Innovation and Social Transformation: 17 (The International Library of Environmental, Agricultural and Food Ethics, 17)

By Culver, Keith, Castle, David

Handbook of Anticancer Drugs from Marine Origin

By Kim, Se-Kwon

Blue Carbon Reservoir of the Blue Planet

By Mitra, Abhijit, Zaman, Sufia

A Little Less Arctic: Top Predators in the World's Largest Northern Inland Sea, Hudson Bay

By Ferguson, Steven H., Loseto, Lisa L., Mallory, Mark L.

Neritic Carbonate Sediments in a Temperate Realm: Southern Australia

By James, Noel P., Bone, Yvonne