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International Economics

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The Battle of Bretton Woods: John Maynard Keynes, Harry Dexter White, and the Making of a New World Order (Council on Foreign Relations Books (Princeton University Press))

By Steil, Benn

International Economics: College Edition

By Carbaugh, Robert J.

Competitiveness Of The Singapore Economy: A Strategic Perspective

By Tan, Kong Yam, Toh, Mun Heng

Industrial Policy in an Era of Globalization: Lessons from Asia (Policy Analyses in International Economics): 69

By Marcus Noland, Howard Pack

Ordering the International: History, Change and Transformation (World of Whose Making?)

By Brown, WILLIAM, Bromley, Simon, Athreye, Suma

Technology, Globalisation and Economic Performance

By Archibugi, Danièle

Who Adjusts? Domestic Sources of Foreign Economic Policy during the Interwar Years: 175 (Princeton Studies in International History and Politics)

By Simmons, Beth A.

Anxieties and Management Responses in International Business (Academy of International Business) (Academy of International Business (UKI) Series)

By Sinkovics, Rudolf, Yamin, Mo

International Political Economy

By Martin, Miquel-Angel Galindo, Nissan, Edward

Progress in International Economics Research: v. 1: Vol 1

By Tavidze, Albert

International Trade Under Communism

By Holzman, Franklyn D.

Shutdown: How Covid Shook the World's Economy

By Tooze, Adam

Remaking the Global Economy: Economic-Geographical Perspectives

By Peck, Jamie, Yeung, Henry Wai-Chung

The Economics of European Integration: Theory, Practice, Policy

By Molle, W. T. M.

The Economics of Monetary Integration

By Grauwe, Paul de

The Holy Grail of Macroeconomics: Lessons from Japan′s Great Recession

By Koo, Richard C.

European Business

By Johnson, Debra

International Business

By Rugman, Prof Alan M., Hodgetts, Richard M.

Growth Recurring: Economic Change in World History (Economics, Cognition & Society)

By Jones, Eric Lionel

South Africa: The Sanctions Report:Prepared For the Commonwealth Committee of Foreign Ministers On Southern Africa

By Hanlon, Joe, Ramphal, Shridath

Issues in African Development: Essays in Honour of Adebayo Adedeji at 65 (Igbo Life and Culture Series, 1)

By Onimode, Bade, Synge, Richard

As China Goes, So Goes The World

By Gerth, Karl

The Sanctions Handbook (Penguin Specials)

By Hanlon, Joe, Ormond, Roger

The Rift: A New Africa Breaks Free

By Perry, Alex

Crude Continent: The Struggle for Africa's Oil Prize

By Clarke, Duncan

Dialogue for a New Order

By Haq, K.

Britain Beyond Europe

By Jamieson, Bill

Underwriting Democracy: Encouraging Free Enterpirse And Democratic Reform Among The Soviets In Eastern Europe: Encouraging Free Enterprise And Democratic Reform Among The Soviets In Eastern Europe

By Soros, George

The Value of Everything: Making and Taking in the Global Economy

By Mazzucato, Mariana

Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution

By Hawken, Paul, Lovins, Amory B., L. Hunter