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International Political Institutions

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Understanding the European Union: A Concise Introduction (The European Union Series)

By McCormick, John

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Basic Facts About the United Nations

By United Nations

Europe: a Concise Encyclopedia

By Leach, Rodney

Practitioners' Handbook of EC Law

By Barling, Gerald, Brearley, Mark, Brealey, Mark, Brealey QC

Will EMU Lead to European Economic Government?

By Currie, David, Donnelly, Alan, et al

The Spectre of Tax Harmonisation

By Ussher, Kitty

Doing Less to Do More: A New Focus for the EU (Centre for European Reform essays)

By Clegg, Nick

The EU and World Trade

By Cunningham, Richard, Lichtenbaum, Peter, Wolf, Julie

Germany and Britain: an Alliance of Necessity

By Grabbe, Heather, Munchau, Wolfgang

The Future of EU Competition Policy

By Bannerman, Edward

Corporate Social Responsibility in the EU

By Murray, Alasdair

Old Europe? Demographic Change and Pension Reform

By Willetts, David

The EU and Turkey: A Glittering Prize or a Millstone? (The Federal Truse)

By Lake, Michael

A Doomed Marriage: Why Britain Should Leave the EU

By Daniel Hannan


By Flouzat

Understanding ASEAN's Role in Asia-Pacific Order (Critical Studies of the Asia-Pacific)

By Yates, Robert

Africa-Europe Research and Innovation Cooperation: Global Challenges, Bi-regional Responses

By Cherry, Andrew, Haselip, James, Ralphs, Gerard

International Organization in the Anarchical Society: The Institutional Structure of World Order (Palgrave Studies in International Relations)

By Brems Knudsen, Tonny, Navari, Cornelia

Europe and the End of the Age of Innocence

By Bongiovanni, Francesco M.

The Era of Private Peacemakers: A New Dialogic Approach to Mediation (Rethinking Peace and Conflict Studies)

By Lehti, Marko

The Europeanisation of the Western Balkans: A Failure of EU Conditionality? (New Perspectives on South-East Europe)

By Džankić, Jelena, Keil, Soeren, Kmezić, Marko

Fear and Uncertainty in Europe: The Return to Realism? (Global Issues)

By Belloni, Roberto, Della Sala, Vincent, Viotti, Paul

Shaping the EU Global Strategy: Partners and Perceptions (The European Union in International Affairs)

By Chaban, Natalia, Holland, Martin

Regional Organizations in International Society: ASEAN, the EU and the Politics of Normative Arguing (Palgrave Studies in International Relations)

By Spandler, Kilian

United Nations Peace Operations in a Changing Global Order

By de Coning, Cedric, Peter, Mateja

The European Community and Development Cooperation: Integration in the Light of Development Policies of the Community and Its Member States

By Faber, G.

Human Rights Protection: Methods and Effectiveness (British Institute of Human Rights Library)

By Butler, Frances

Leadership and Change in the Multilateral Trading System

By Narlikar, Amrita, Vickers, Brendan

Basic Facts About the United Nations

By United Nations

Masters of the Universe?: N.A.T.O.'s Balkan Crusade

By Ali, Tariq