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Pie Aaaaaggh (squared): Simon Drew's Book of Food and Drink

By Drew, Simon, Drew, Simon

Comic Relief - Return of the Red Nose Joke Book

Little Book of Wrinklies Jokes

By Haskins, Mike, Whichelow, Clive

A Bucket of Surprises: An A-Z of the Wittiest, Shrewdest and Most Memorable Stories, Proverbs, Jokes and Sayings

By J. John, Mark Stibbe

A Bundle of Laughs: An A-Z Of The Funniest And Sharpest Comments, Quips And Stories From The Ministers Of Mirth

By Stibbe, Mark, John, J.

Jubilee of Over-60s Jokes (Joke Books S.)

By Exley, Helen, Stott, Bill

The REALLY Funny KNOCK! KNOCK! Joke Book For Kids: Over 150 Side-splitting, Rib-tickling KNOCK! KNOCK! Jokes. Plus Top 10 Tips For Telling The Best Jokes

By MacIntyre, Mickey

Messaging For The Mature Funny Flipbook | Joke Learn to Text Like Millennials | Humour Gift For Elderly Friends, Family or Colleagues

By Jamien Bailey

The VERY Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes: Because your dad thinks he's hilarious

By Ian Allen, Allen, Ian

Spooky Joke and Activity Book

Jokes for the John (A Book for the Bog)

By Bamford, Nikole G., Sherwood, Gary

Mega Dumb Jokes for Smart Kids

By Wingate, Philippa

Scottish Wit & Humour: Packed with Fun for All the Family: 1 (Wit and Humour)

By Camilla Zajac, Camilla Zajac, Tim O'Brien

Mega Kids' Joke Book

By Coupe, Peter


By Goldstein-Jackson, Kevin

The Viz Book of Crap Jokes: A Pitiful Array of Poor Quality Jokes from the pages of Viz

By Donald, Chris

Jeremy Mansfield's Vrotter Jokes

By Mansfield, Jeremy

Cows In Action - the udderly moovellous Joke Book

By Cole, Steve

The Best of Bar-room Jokes

By FHM Magazine

Football: It Drives Us Crazy! (Drive Us Crazy) (Drive Us Crazy S.)

By Bill Stott

Wisdom for the Millennium (A Helen Exley giftbook)

By Exley, Helen

Mik Brown's Horribly Silly Jokes (Humour)

By Brown, Mik, Brown, Mik

Dirty Jokes for Women

By Hughes, Liz

The Joke Museum: with New Exhibition

By Ransford, Sandy

The Serious Joke Book

By Coote, George

Dennis and Gnasher Really Terrible Jokes (Beano)

By Dennis and Gnasher

Dennis and Gnasher's Gnock! Gnock! Jokes

By Anon

Favourite Yorkshire Humour

By Joy, David

Jokes, Jokes and More Jokes

By Border, Rosemary

The Ultimate Book of Rude and Politically Incorrect Jokes

By Pease, Allan