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Lettres philosophiques (Folio (Gallimard))

By Voltaire

1 available

Greek Lyric Poetry: The Poems and Fragments of the Greek Iambic, Elegiac, and Melic Poets (excluding Pindar and Bacchylides) down to 450 BC (Oxford World's Classics)

By West, M. L.

1 available

Byron: Don Juan (Landmarks of World Literature)

By Barton, Anne

1 available

Samuel Richardson (British and Irish Authors)

By Harris, Jocelyn

1 available

Blake, Kierkegaard, and the Spectre of Dialectic

By Clark, Lorraine

2 available

Is Heathcliff a Murderer?: Great Puzzles in Nineteenth-century Fiction (World's Classics)

By Sutherland, J. A.

1 available

Theatre: a crash course [Theatre & Performance Practices]

By Nicholson, Helen

1 available

British Literature 1640-1789: An Anthology

By DeMaria Jr., Robert

1 available

Gothic Fiction (Readers' Guides to Essential Criticism)

By Wright, Angela

1 available

Keats, Narrative and Audience: The Posthumous Life of Writing: 6 (Cambridge Studies in Romanticism)

By Bennett, Andrew

1 available

The Professor and the Madman: A Tale of Murder, Insanity, and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary

By Winchester, Simon, Author and Historian Simon

1 available

Strindberg Plays: 2: Dream Play; Dance of Death; The Stronger: Plays Two: A Dream Play/The Dance of Death/The Stronger: v.2 (World Classics)

By Strindberg, August, Meyer, Michael

1 available

The Eighteenth Century: The Intellectual and Cultural Context of English Literature 1700-1789 (Longman Literature In English Series)

By Sambrook, James

1 available

English Hours (Oxford Paperbacks)

By James, Henry, Edel, Leon, Edel, Leon

1 available

The Poems of Catullus (Classics)

By Catullus, Trans. Peter Whigham

1 available

Shelley: Poet and Legislator of the World

By Bennett, Professor Betty T., Curran, Professor Stuart

1 available

Colonial Encounters in New World Writing, 1500-1786: Performing America

By Castillo, Susan

1 available

Strange Fits of Passion: Epistemologies of Emotion, Hume to Austen

By Pinch, Adela

1 available

Edith Wharton and the Art of Fiction

By Vita-Finzi, Penelope

1 available

Donne: Everyman's Poetry (EVERYMAN POETRY)

By Donne, John, Enright, E.D.

1 available

Women Romantic Poets, 1770-1838: An Anthology

By Ashfield, Andrew

1 available

Phantom Communities: The Simulacrum and the Limits of Postmodernism

By Scott Durham

1 available

John Donne, Undone

By Docherty, Thomas

1 available

Vaclav Havel: or Living in Truth

By Vaclav Havel

Modern Criticism and Theory

By Wood, Nigel, Lodge, David

The Intellectuals and the Masses: Pride and Prejudice Among the Literary Intelligentsia, 1880-1939

By Carey, Professor John, Carey, Professor John

Faber Book of Letters

By Pryor, Felix

Derek Walcott (CSCW)

By Baugh, Edward

Samuel Pepys: The Man in the Making v. 1 (Panther Books)

By Bryant, Arthur

Unauthorized Versions: Poems and Their Parodies

By Baker, Lord Kenneth