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Mathematical Merry-Go-Round: Whole Class Oral Activities to Enhance the Curriculum

By Lucas, Vivien

Match the Views: Cut and Fold Puzzles to Imagine and Solve

By Giles, Geoff

Fun Maths Jugglers: Perpetual Calendar for 7-11 Years

By John Bibby

Real Scientists Don’t Wear Ties: When Science Meets Culture

By Perkowitz, Sidney

The Hidden Mathematics of Sport

By Eastaway, Rob, Haigh, John

Mathematics and Plausible Reasoning, Volume II: Patterns of Plausible Inference

By Polya, G.

The Puzzling Adventures of Dr.Ecco

By Shasha, Dennis

Mathematical Snacks: A Collection of Interesting Ideas to Fill Those Spare Moments (Collection of Interesting Topics and Ideas to Fill Spare Mom)

By Millington, Jon

Fermat's Last Theorem: The Story of a Riddle That Confounded the World's Greatest Minds for 358 Years

By Singh, Simon

The Times Fiendish Su Doku Book 1: 200 challenging Su Doku puzzles (The Times Fiendish Su Doku Puzzle Books)

By Gould, Wayne

Life's Other Secret: The New Mathematics of the Living World (Allen Lane Science S.)

By Stewart, Ian

Fantastic Book of Math Puzzles

By Edmiston, Margaret C.

The Man Who Counted: A Collection of Mathematical Adventures

By Tahan, Malba, Clark, Leslie, Reid, Alastair, Baquero, Patricia Reid

The Maths Gene: Why Everyone has it, but most people can't use it

By Devlin, Keith

Lewis Carroll's Games and Puzzles (Dover Recreational Math)

By Carroll, Lewis

The Times Killer Su Doku Book 7: 150 lethal Su Doku puzzles (The Times Su Doku)

By The Times Mind Games

The Golden Ratio: The Story of Phi, the Extraordinary Number of Nature, Art and Beauty

By Livio, Mario

The Price of Cake: And 99 Other Classic Mathematical Riddles

By Deslandes, Clement, Guillaume

Knotted Doughnuts and Other Mathematical Entertainments

By Gardner, Martin

Playing Card Games

By Claire Publications

Enlightening Symbols: A Short History of Mathematical Notation and Its Hidden Powers

By Mazur, Joseph

The Ultimate Mathematical Challenge: Over 365 puzzles to test your wits and excite your mind

By The UK Mathematics Trust

More Joy of Mathematics: Exploring Mathematical Insights and Concepts

By Pappas, Theoni

How to Count to Infinity: Little Ways to Live a Big Life

By Marcus Du Sautoy, du Sautoy, Marcus

The Liar Paradox and the Towers of Hanoi: The Ten Greatest Math Puzzles of All Time

By Danesi, Marcel

Minecraft Maths Ages 10-11: Official Workbook (Minecraft Education)

By Collins KS2

The Times Killer Su Doku 6: 150 lethal Su Doku puzzles: 06 (The Times Su Doku)

By The Times Mind Games, .

Five More Golden Rules: Knots, Codes, Choas and Other Great Theories of 20th-century Mathematics

By Casti, John

Think Like a Mathematician: Get to Grips with the Language of Numbers and Patterns (Think Like Series, 1)

By Rooney, Anne

Entertaining Mathematical Puzzles

By Martin Gardner, Sean Shesgreen