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Convection in Fluids: A Rational Analysis and Asymptotic Modelling: 90 (Fluid Mechanics and Its Applications, 90)

By Zeytounian, Radyadour Kh.

Advanced Numerical Modeling and Data Assimilation Techniques for Tropical Cyclone Predictions

By Mohanty, U.C., Gopalakrishnan, Sundararaman.G.

Advances in Applied Mathematics, Modeling, and Computational Science: 66 (Fields Institute Communications, 66)

By Melnik, Roderick, Kotsireas, Ilias S.

Transactions on Engineering Technologies: Special Volume of the World Congress on Engineering 2013

By Yang, Gi-Chul, Ao, Sio-Iong, Gelman, Len

Challenges in Fluid Dynamics: A New Approach

By Zeytounian, R.Kh.

Problems in Classical Electromagnetism: 157 Exercises with Solutions

By Macchi, Andrea, Moruzzi, Giovanni, Pegoraro, Francesco

PGD-Based Modeling of Materials, Structures and Processes (ESAFORM Bookseries on Material Forming)

By Chinesta, Francisco, Cueto, Elias

Computational Modelling of Bifurcations and Instabilities in Fluid Dynamics: 50 (Computational Methods in Applied Sciences, 50)

By Gelfgat, Alexander

Game Theory for Managing Security in Chemical Industrial Areas (Advanced Sciences and Technologies for Security Applications)

By Zhang, Laobing, Reniers, Genserik

Product Research: The Art and Science Behind Successful Product Launches

By Raghavan, N. R. Srinivasa, Cafeo, John A.

Handbook of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

By Valavanis, Kimon P., Vachtsevanos, George J.

IUTAM: A Short History

By Eberhard, Peter, Juhasz, Stephen

Dynamics of Tree-Type Robotic Systems: 62 (Intelligent Systems, Control and Automation: Science and Engineering, 62)

By Vijaykumar Shah, Suril, Saha, Subir Kumar, Dutt, Jayanta Kumar

Cognitive Architectures: 94 (Intelligent Systems, Control and Automation: Science and Engineering, 94)

By Aldinhas Ferreira, Maria Isabel, Silva Sequeira, Joao, Ventura, Rodrigo

Spatio-Temporal Modeling of Nonlinear Distributed Parameter Systems: A Time/Space Separation Based Approach: 50 (Intelligent Systems, Control and Automation: Science and Engineering, 50)

By Li, Han-Xiong, Qi, Chenkun

Homogeneous Turbulence Dynamics

By Sagaut, Pierre, Cambon, Claude

The Many Faces of Elastica: 3 (Forum for Interdisciplinary Mathematics, 3)

By Mladenov, Ivaïlo M., Hadzhilazova, Mariana

Safety Dynamics: Evaluating Risk in Complex Industrial Systems (Advanced Sciences and Technologies for Security Applications)

By Guarnieri, Franck, Garbolino, Emmanuel

Methods and Tastes in Modern Continuum Mechanics: To the Memory of Donald E. Carlson

By Fosdick, Roger, Fried, Eliot, Tortorelli, Daniel

Finite Element and Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Transient Wave Equations (Scientific Computation)

By Cohen, Gary, Pernet, SEBASTIEN

Polyhedral and Algebraic Methods in Computational Geometry (Universitext)

By Joswig, Michael, Theobald, Thorsten

Dynamic Population Models: 17 (The Springer Series on Demographic Methods and Population Analysis, 17)

By Schoen, Robert

Mathematical Aspects of Quantum Field Theories

Modeling, Simulation and Control of Nonlinear Engineering Dynamical Systems: State-of-the-Art, Perspectives and Applications

By Awrejcewicz, Jan

Plasticity-Damage Couplings: From Single Crystal to Polycrystalline Materials: 253 (Solid Mechanics and Its Applications, 253)

By Cazacu, Oana, Revil-Baudard, Benoit, Chandola, Nitin

Stability and Suppression of Turbulence in Relaxing Molecular Gas Flows: 117 (Fluid Mechanics and Its Applications, 117)

By Grigoryev, Yurii N., Ershov, Igor V.

A Modern Course in Aeroelasticity: Fifth Revised and Enlarged Edition: 217 (Solid Mechanics and Its Applications, 217)

By Dowell, Earl H.

Flows of Reactive Fluids: 94 (Fluid Mechanics and Its Applications, 94)

By Prud'homme, Roger

Internal Variables in Thermoelasticity: 243 (Solid Mechanics and Its Applications, 243)

By Berezovski, Arkadi, VAN, Peter

Fundamentals of Tensor Calculus for Engineers with a Primer on Smooth Manifolds: 230 (Solid Mechanics and Its Applications, 230)

By Mühlich, Uwe