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Mathematical Physics

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Fluid Dynamics and Linear Elasticity: A First Course in Continuum Mechanics

By Michael S. Ruderman

Linear Functional Analysis

By Bryan Rynne, M.A. Youngson

Calculus of Variations

By Filip Rindler

Partial Differential Equations: v. 1: Foundations and Integral Representations

By Friedrich Sauvigny

Partial Differential Equations 1: Foundations and Integral Representations

By Friedrich Sauvigny

Probability Theory: A Comprehensive Course

By Achim Klenke

Classical Tessellations and Three-Manifolds

By Jose Maria Montesinos-Amilibia

Statistics and Probability

By School Mathematics Project

Love and Math: The Heart of Hidden Reality

By Edward Frenkel

Mathematics for Physicists

By Brian R. Martin (University College, London), Graham Shaw (University of Manchester)

The Man from the Future: The Visionary Life of John von Neumann

By Ananyo Bhattacharya

Laboratory Manual for Nonlinear Physics with Maple for Scientists and Engineers

By Richard H. Enns, George McGuire

From Eternity to Here: The Quest for the Ultimate Theory of Time

By Sean Carroll (University of Chicago)

The Geometry of Spacetime: An Introduction to Special and General Relativity

By James J. Callahan, Jr.

Geometry, Topology and Physics

By Mikio Nakahara (Kinki University, Osaka, Japan)

Structure Of Hilbert Space Operators

By Jiang, Chunlan, Wang, Zongyao

Well, Doc, You're in: Freeman Dyson's Journey Through the Universe

By David Kaiser (Edited by), Kaiser, David

The Language of Physics: A Foundation for University Study

By Cullerne, John P., Machacek, Anton

Mathematics for A Level Physics: A Course Companion

By Kelly, Gareth, Wood, Nigel

A Student's Guide to Maxwell's Equations (Student's Guides)

By Fleisch, Daniel

A Most Incomprehensible Thing: Notes Towards a Very Gentle Introduction to the Mathematics of Relativity

By Collier, Peter

God's Secret Formula: Deciphering the Riddle of the Universe and the Prime Number Code

By Plichta, Peter

Simple Quantum Physics

By Landshoff, P. V.

Modern Cosmology & the Dark Matter: 3 (Cambridge Lecture Notes in Physics, Series Number 3)

By Sciama, D. W.

Differential Geometric Methods in Mathematical Physics: Proceedings of an International Conference Held at the Technical University of Clausthal, FRG, ... 1139 (Lecture Notes in Mathematics, 1139)

By Doebner, Heinz-Dietrich, Hennig, Jörg-Dieter

Quaternions and Rotation Sequences: A Primer with Applications to Orbits, Aerospace and Virtual Reality

By Kuipers, J. B.

Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering: A Comprehensive Guide

By Kenneth Franklin Riley, Michael Paul Hobson, Stephen John Bence, Riley, Kenneth Franklin, Hobson, Michael Paul, Bence, Stephen John

Basic Physics: A Self-Teaching Guide, 2nd Edition (Wiley Self-Teaching Guides)

By Kuhn

Lost in Math: How Beauty Leads Physics Astray

By Hossenfelder, Sabine

Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering: A Comprehensive Guide

By Riley, K. F., Hobson, M. P., Bence, S. J.