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Theoretical Statistics

By Cox, D. R., Hinkley, D. V.

Statistics of Directional Data (Probability & Mathematical Statistics Monograph)

By Mardia, K. V.

Perspectives in Probability and Statistics: Papers in Honour of M.S.Bartlett

By Gani, J.

Statistics (Heinemann Modular Mathematics)

By Mayer, A., Sykes

Computational Complexity

By Papadimitriou, Christos H.

Basics Of Reliability And Risk Analysis: Worked Out Problems And Solutions: 15 (Series on Quality, Reliability and Engineering Statistics)

By Zio, Enrico Et Al

The Essentials of Factor Analysis

By Child, Dennis

The Little SAS Book for Enterprise Guide 4.2

By Slaughter, Susan J., Delwiche, Lora D.

Modular Maths for Edexcel A/AS Level Statistics 2: v. 2 (Modular Maths For A/AS Level)

By Smith, Alan

Numerical Analysis: Mathematics of Scientific Computing

By Kincaid, David, Cheney, E. W.

Exercises in Probability: A Guided Tour From Measure Theory To Random Processes, Via Conditioning: 35 (Cambridge Series in Statistical and Probabilistic Mathematics, Series Number 35)

By Ratcliff, Brian, Eccles, Helen, SCHNEIDERMAN, David, Chaumont, Loic

Mathematical Optimization and Economic Theory (Prentice-Hall series in mathematical economics)

By Intriligator, Michael D.

Co-integration, Error Correction, and the Econometric Analysis of Non-Stationary Data (Advanced Texts in Econometrics)

By Banerjee, Anindya, Dolado, Juan, Galbraith, Juan W., Hendry, David F.

Statistics: Principles and Methods (Probability & Mathematical Statistics S.)

By Johnson, Richard A., Bhattacharyya, Gouri K.

Catch Up Maths and Stats: For the Life and Medical Sciences

By M. Harris, G. Taylor, J. Taylor

The Interpretation and Uses of Medical Statistics

By Daly

Statistics for Education and Physical Education

By Cohen, Louis, Holliday, Michael

How to Use Statistics (Smarter Study Skills)

By Lakin, Dr Steve

Quantitative Methods For Business

By Waters, Mr Donald

Probability, Statistics and Truth (Dover Books on Mathematics)

By Mises, Richard von

Multiple Regression: A Primer (Undergraduate Research Methods & Statistics in the Social Sciences)

By Allison, Paul D.

Introductory Statistics

By Weiss, Neil A., Hassett, Matthew

Discovering Statistics Using R

By Field, Andy, Miles, Jeremy, Zoe

Data Management Using Stata: A Practical Handbook

By Mitchell, Michael N.

An Introduction to Stata Programming

By Baum, Christopher F.

Information Theory and Statistics (Dover Books on Mathematics)

By Kullback, Solomon

Guesstimation Solving the Worlds Problems on the Back of a Cocktail Napkin: Solving the World's Problems on the Back of a Cocktail Napkin

By Weinstein, Lawrence, Adam, John A.

Survey Sampling

By Kish, Leslie

Applied Nonparametric Statistical Methods (Chapman & Hall Statistics Text Series)

By Sprent, Prof. Peter

Statistics in Scientific Investigation: Its Basis, Application and Interpretation

By McPherson, Glen