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ABC of Eyes, 4th Edition (ABC Series)

By Khaw, Peng T., Shah, Peter, Elkington, Andrew R.

ABC of Learning and Teaching in Medicine (ABC Series)

By Cantillon, Peter, Hutchinson, Linda, Wood, Diana F.

ABC of Rheumatology (ABC Series)

By Snaith, Michael L.

Learning Medicine

By Richards, Peter, Stockhill, Simon

The Essential Guide to Becoming a Doctor

By Blundell, Adrian, Harrison, Richard, Turney, Benjamin W.

ABC of Sports and Exercise Medicine (ABC Series)

By Whyte, Gregory, Harries, Mark, Williams, Clyde

Clinical Education in the Health Professions: An Educator's Guide

By Delany, Clare

Fundamentals of Track and Field

By Carr, Gerry

Back Stability

By Norris, Christopher M.

Physiology of Sport and Exercise

By Wilmore, Jack H., Costill, David L.

Doing Sport Psychology

By Anderson, Mark B.

Statistics in Kinesiology: 2nd Edition

By Vincent, William J.

Study Guide to 2r.e (Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology)

By Weinberg, Robert S., Gould, Daniel

High-Performance Sports Conditioning

By Bill Foran

Advances in Sport Psychology

By Horn, Thelma

Ethics in Sport

By Morgan, William J.

Physical Activity Assessments for Health-related Research

By Welk, Greg

ACSM's Exercise Management for Persons with Chronic Diseases and Disabilities

By ACSM, Durstine, J.Larry, Moore, Geoffrey E.

Warming Up, Cooling Down

By Harris, Jo, Elbourn, Jill

GCSE Physical Education: A Revision Guide

By Ferguson, Tim, ASEP

Athletic Abs

By Cole, Scott, Seabourne, Tom

Strength Training Anatomy

By Delavier, Frederic

ACSM Fitness Book

By American College of Sports Medicine

Foundations of Sport & Exercise Psychology

By Robert S. Weinberg PhD, Daniel Gould PhD, Amy N. Clocksin

Strength Training for Young Athletes

By Steven J. Fleck, William J. Kraemer, Steven Fleck

Client-centered Exercise Prescription

By Griffin, John C.

Youth Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior: Challenges and Solutions

By Alan L. Smith, Stuart J.H. Biddle

Clinical Exercise Physiology

By Jonathan Ehrman, Paul Gordon, Paul Visich, Steven Keteyian

Fundamentals of Sport and Exercise Psychology (Fundamentals of Sport/Exer Sci)

By Alan Kornspan

Physical Activity and Health Guidelines: Recommendations for Various Ages, Fitness Levels, and Conditions from 57 Authoritative Sources

By Riva Rahl