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Medieval History

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Medieval Texts and Images: Studies of Manuscripts from the Middle Ages

By Manion, Margaret M., Muir, Bernard James

1 available

A Brief History of the Anglo-Saxons (Brief Histories)

By Geoffrey Hindley

1 available

Blood and Roses. The Paston Family in the Fifteenth Century.

By Castor, Helen

1 available

The Vikings

By Magnus Magnusson

1 available

Storm from the East: From Genghis Khan to Khubilai Khan

By Marshall, Robert

1 available

Medieval Roads and Tracks (Shire Archaeology)

By Hindle, Paul

1 available

Tudor Government (New appreciations in history)

By Smith, Alan G. R.

1 available

The Crisis Of Parliaments: English History, 1509-1660 (Short Oxford History of the Modern World)

By Russell, Conrad

1 available

French Renaissance Monarchy: Francis I & Henry II (Seminar Studies In History)

By Knecht, R.J.

1 available

Hapsburg and Bourbon Europe, 1470-1720

By Lockyer, Roger

1 available

The Century of Revolution : 1603-1714

By Hill, Christopher

1 available

The Celts (Pelican S.)

By Corcoran, J., Chadwick, Nora

1 available

The Pelican History of England, Vol.2: The Beginnings of English Society

By Whitelock, Dorothy, Dorothy Whitelock

1 available

Blood of The Vikings

By Richards, Julian

1 available

The Age of Enlightenment: Volume One: v. 1

By Eliot, Simon, Stern, Beverley

1 available

The Lisle Letters

By Lisle, Lord, Byrne, Muriel St.Clare, Boland, Bridget, Byrne, Muriel St.Clare

1 available

The Year 1000: An Englishman's Year

By Lacey, Robert, Danziger, Danny

1 available

The Ransom of the Soul

By Peter Brown

The Medieval Church in Manuscripts

By Justin Clegg

Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts

By Brown, Michelle P.

Medieval England: A Social History and Archaeology from the Conquest to A.D. 1600

By Platt, Colin

Archaeology of Mediaeval England and Wales (Croom Helm studies in archaeology)

By Steane, John

The Age of Enlightenment: Volume Two: v. 2

By Eliot, Simon, Stern, Beverley

Political and Social Life in the Great Age of Athens

By Ferguson, John, Chisholm, Kitty

Elizabeth I: Apprenticeship

By Starkey, Dr David, Doran, Susan

428 AD: An Ordinary Year at the End of the Roman Empire

By Giusto Traina

The High Middle Ages, 1200-1550 (Paladin Books)

By Rowley, Trevor

Old English Literature: A Short Introduction (Wiley Blackwell Introductions to Literature)

By Donoghue, Daniel

A History of Old English Literature (Blackwell History of Literature)

By Fulk, Robert D., Cain, Christopher M.

Mediaeval Women (Studies in Church history: Subsidia 1)

By Baker