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Aviation Archaeology in Britain (Shire Archaeology): 80

By Bédoyère, Guy de la

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Vulcan: Last of the V-Bombers (Osprey Classic Aircraft)

By Cubitt, Duncan, Ellis, Ken

History of the RAF

By Chant, Chris

The High-flying Duchess: Mary Du Caurroy Bedford 1865-1937

By Buxton, Meriel


Sagittarius Surviving

By Lewis, Cecil

Man is Not Lost

By Richardson, D.

Spitfire: The Biography

By Glancey, Jonathan

Spitfire: A Test Pilot's Story

By Quill, Jeffrey

Castles Of Steel: Britain, Germany and the Winning of The Great War at Sea

By K Massie, Robert

The Vimy Expeditions

By Mcmillan, Peter

RAF Bomber Airfields of World War 2

By Falconer, Jonathan

Phoenix Squadron: HMS Ark Royal, Britain's last Topguns and the untold story of their most dramatic mission

By White, Rowland

I Flew for the Fuhrer: Story of a German Airman (Greenhill Military Paperback) (Greenhill Military Paperback S.)

By Knoke, Heinz, Ewing, John

The Last of the Lightnings: A Nostalgic Farewell to the RAF's Favourite Supersonic Fighter

By Black, Ian, Gunston, Bill

Great Book of WWII Airplanes

By Watanabe, Rikyu

Fighter Airfields of World War 2

By Falconer, Jonathan

Prop Perfection: Flying Survivors of the Piston-powered Era

By Robson, Graham

Flight Of The Mew Gull: Record-breaking flying in the 1930s

By Henshaw, Alex

40 Years at Farnborough: S.B.A.C.'s International Aviation Showcase (Foulis Aviation Book)

By Blake, John, Hooks, M.K.

Lancaster: A Bombing Legend (Osprey Classic Aircraft)

By Radell, Rick, Vines, Mike

Spitfire Story

By Price, Dr. Alfred

Lancaster A Bombing Legend (Transport)

By Vines, Mike, Radell, Nick

Attack and Interceptor Jets: 300 of the World's Greatest Military Jet Aircraft

By Sharpe, Michael

The Illustrated Guide to Armageddon: Britain's Cold War

By Clarke, Bob

Beyond Band of Brothers: The War Memoirs of Major Dick Winters

By Winters, Dick, Kingseed, Cole C

Jane's Fighting Aircraft of World War II

By Gunston, Bill

Sussex Airfields in the Second World War

By Brooks, Robin J.

Global Air Power

By Olsen, John Andreas

Light Perpetual: Aviators' Memorial Index

By Beaty, David