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History: The Definitive Visual Guide - From the Dawn of Civilization to the Present Day

By Hart-Davis, Adam, Lindbriar Corporation, Overy, Richard, Roberts, J.A.G, Harrison, Ian, Kay, Ann, Harrison, James, Matthews, Rupert, Cussans, Thomas, Adams, Simon, Sirett, Natalie, Regan, Sally

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Che Guevara: Revolutionary and Icon

By Ziff, Trisha, Charlton, Hannah

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World at War (Picture This)

By Nigel Cawthorne

Encyclopaedia of the World's Combat Aircraft

By Gunston OBE, Bill

Maps of War: Mapping Conflict Through the Centuries

By Black, Jeremy

William Wallace

By Watney, John

Photohistory Of World War One

By Haythornthwaite, Philip

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Weaponry

By Wills, Chuck

Figures in a Landscape - A Guide to the Great Historical Characters of North Wales: Part 1. the First Thousand Years

By Senior, Michael

The Illustrated History of World War II

By Beckett, Ian

The Cromwellian Gazetteer: An Illustrated Guide to Britain in the Civil War and Commonwealth (Sutton History Paperbacks)

By Gaunt, Peter, Wedgwood, C. V.

"Star Wars" Encyclopedia

By Sansweet, Stephen J.

The Illustrated History of World War I

By Gilbert, Adrian

Panzers At War

By Barker, A J

The Mask of Command

By Keegan, Sir John

British History encyclopedia

Soldier: A Visual History of the Fighting Man

By Reg Grant

Queen Victoria's Highlanders: No. 442 (Men-at-Arms)

By Reid, Stuart, Embleton, Gerry

Fishing from the Humber: Images of England

By Credland, Arthur G

Boxer Rebellion: China, 1900 - The Artists' Perspective (Centennial Exhibition)

By Harrington, Peter, Sharf, Frederic A.

The Penguin Encyclopedia of Modern Warfare: 1850 to the Present Day

By Macksey, Kenneth, Woodhouse, WILLIAM

Daughter of the Desert: The Remarkable Life of Gertrude Bell

By Howell, Georgina

Knight Hospitaller (1): 1100-1306: Pt.1 (Warrior)

By Nicolle, Dr David, Hook, Christa

Combat Air Patrol

By Black, Ian

The Illustrated World Encyclopedia of Guns: Pistols, Rifles, Revolvers, Machine and Submachine Guns Through History in 1200 Colour Photographs

By Fowler, Will

World at War (Discovery Collection Extra FB)

By Igloo Books Ltd

Javelin Boys: Air Defence from the Cold War to Confrontation

By Steve Bond

Bloody April 1917: An Exciting Detailed Analysis of One of the Deadliest Months in the Air in WWI

By Norman Franks, Russell Guest, Frank Bailey

Wk275: The Restoration and Preservation of the Last Supermarine Swift F4

By Guy Ellis

Napoleonic Wars in Cartoons

By Mark Bryant