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The Martian: Stranded on Mars, one astronaut fights to survive

By Weir, Andy

The Sixth Watch: (Night Watch 6)

By Lukyanenko, Sergei

Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds: The First Official Novel (Stranger Things, 1)

By Bond, Gwenda

Matter (Culture)

By Banks, Iain M.

Armageddon's Children: Book One of the Genesis of Shannara

By Brooks, Terry

The Scions Of Shannara: The Heritage of Shannara, book 1

By Brooks, Terry

The Talismans Of Shannara: The Heritage of Shannara, book 4

By Brooks, Terry

Leviathan Wakes: Book 1 of the Expanse (now a Prime Original series)

By Corey, James S. A.

Feersum Endjinn

By Iain M. Banks

Door to Alternity (Bk. 2) (Buffy the Vampire Slayer S.)

By Holder, Nancy, Mariotte, Jeff

Crystal Shard (TSR Fantasy S.)

By Salvatore, R. A.

The Vanished Queen

By Campbell, Lisbeth

All Spell Breaks Loose: 6 (Raine Benares)

By Shearin, Lisa

The Starless Sea

By Morgenstern, Erin

The Sword Of Shannara: The Shannara Chronicles

By Brooks, Terry

The Truth is Out There : The Official Guide to the X Files.

By Lowry, Brian

Flowers For Algernon (S.F. MASTERWORKS)

By Daniel Keyes

The Bicentennial Man

By Asimov, Isaac


By Philip K. Dick

Inversions (Culture)

By Banks, Iain M.

The First King Of Shannara (Prequel to the Shannara series)

By Brooks, Terry


By Williams, Tad

The Tangle Box: The Magic Kingdom of Landover, vol 4

By Brooks, Terry

Torchwood: The Twilight Streets

By Russell, Gary

''Doctor Who'': Code of the Krillitanes (Quick Reads)

By Justin Richards

Torchwood: Exodus Code

By John Barrowman, Carole E. Barrowman

Torchwood: Pack Animals

By Anghelides, Peter

Torchwood: Trace Memory

By Llewellyn, David

Torchwood: Something in the Water

By Baxendale, Trevor

Doctor Who: Paradox Lost: 157

By Mann, George