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Multicultural Studies

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Sweet Mother: Modern African Music (Chicago Studies in Ethnomusicology)

By Bender

1 available

English as a Global Language

By David Crystal

1 available

Islamic Art

By Brend

Wonderful Adventures Of Mrs Seacole: The X Press Black Classics Series

By Seacole, Mary

The Penguin Book of Hebrew Verse (The Penguin poets)

By Carmi, T.

Young Europeans, Work and Family (Studies in European Sociology)

By Brannen, Julia, Lewis, Susan, Nilsen, Anne

Do I Belong?: Reflections from Europe

By Lerman, Antony

Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television

By Mander, Jerry

Crafts and Traditions of the Canary Islands: 17 (Shire ethnography)

By Eddy, Mike

Jews and the New American Scene

By Lipset, Seymour

Strength Beyond Structure: Social and Historical Trajectories of Agency in Africa (African Dynamics): 6

By Bruijn, Mirjam de, Dijk, Rijk van, Gewald, Jan-Bart, de Bruijn, Mirjam, van Dijk, Rijk

Clearing a Space: Reflections on India, Literature and Culture: 8 (Peter Lang Ltd.)

By Chaudhuri, Amit

We Built Up Our Lives: Education and Community Among Jewish Refugees Interned by Britain in World War II (Contributions to the Study of World History): 92 (Bio-Bibliographies in Music)

By Seller, Maxine

The Meaning of Race: Race, History and Culture in Western Society

By Malik, Kenan

Poison in Small Measure: Dr. Christopherson and the Cure for Bilharzia

By Crichton-Harris, Ann

Myal: A Novel

By Brodber, Erna


By Ramdin, Ron

European Muslims, Civility and Public Life: Perspectives On and From the Gülen Movement

By Weller, Paul

The Capitalist Transformation of State Socialism: The Making and Breaking of State Socialist Society, and What Followed (Basees/Routledge Russian and East European Studies)

By Lane, David

Women Philosophers: A Bio-Critical Source Book

By Kersey, Ethel M., Schrag, Calvin O.

State Feminism, Women's Movements, and Job Training: Making Democracies Work in the Global Economy (Women in Politics in Democratic States)

By Mazur, Amy

Citizenship and Immigration in Post-war Britain: The Institutional Origins of a Multicultural Nation

By Hansen, Randall

Forged in Fury

By Elkins, Michael

The Personality of Ireland: Habitat, Heritage and History (The Wiles Lectures)

By Evans, E. Estyn

The Time Of Our Time

By Mailer, Norman

The Veil And The Male Elite: A Feminist Interpretation Of Women's Rights In Islam

By Mernissi, Fatima

Finding Myself: Essays in Race Politics and Culture

By Clem Seecharan

Children at War

By Singer, P.W.

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

By Pappé, Ilan

Mother India's Shadow Over El Dorado: Indo-Guyanese Politics and Identity, 18902-1930s

By Clem Seecharan