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Njal's Saga (Penguin Classics)

By Eiricksson, Leifur, Cook, Robert, Cook, Robert, Cook, Robert

1 available

The Odyssey (Penguin Classics)

By Homer, Jones, Peter, Rieu, Dominic, Rieu, E. V., D. C. H.

2 available

Orpheus in the Underworld (Penguin Classics 60s S.)

By Innes, Mary

1 available

The Aeneid (Penguin Classics)

By Virgil, West, David, West, David

5 available

Gilgamesh And Enkidu (Penguin Classics 60s S.)

By Sandars, N.

1 available

King Must Die Renault L/F

By Renault, Mary

Tides Of War: A spectacular and action-packed historical novel, that breathes life into the events and characters of millennia ago

By Pressfield, Steven

The Djinn Falls in Love and Other Stories

By Neil Gaiman, Amal El-Mohtar, Catherine King, Claire North, E. J. Swift, Hermes, Jamal Mahjoub, James Smythe, Kamila Shamsie, Kirsty Logan, K.J. Parker, Kuzhali Manickavel, Maria Dahvana Headley, Monica Byrne, Nada Adel Sobhi, Nnedi Okorafor, Saad Z. Ho...

DAWNSPELL: The Bristling Wood: Book 3 (The Deverry Series)

By Kerr

The Gothic Cathedral

By Wim Swaan, Christopher Brooke

The Song of Achilles: Bloomsbury Modern Classics

By Miller, Madeline

The Classic Fairy Tales

By Opie, Iona, Peter

Highland Folk Tales (Folk Tales (Folk Tales: United Kingdom)

By Pegg, Bob

The Song of Achilles: Madeline Miller

By Miller, Madeline


By Connelly, Michael.

Alien Influences

By Rusch, Kristine Kathryn

God of Vengeance: (The Rise of Sigurd 1): A thrilling, action-packed Viking saga from bestselling author Giles Kristian

By Kristian, Giles

Heroes: The myths of the Ancient Greek heroes retold (Stephen Fry’s Greek Myths, 2)

By Fry, Stephen

The Devil and the Dark Water: The mind-blowing new murder mystery from the Sunday Times bestselling author (Bloomsbury Publishing)

By Turton, Stuart

The Elephant's Journey: José Saramago

By Saramago, Jose, Costa, Margaret Jull


By Shamsie, Kamila

Treasury of Jewish Folklore

By Ausubel, Nathan

The Snow Child: A Novel (Pulitzer Prize in Letters: Fiction Finalists)

By Ivey, Eowyn

The Essex Serpent: The number one bestseller and British Book Awards Book of the Year

By Perry, Sarah

Viscous Circle (Panther Books)

By Anthony, Piers

The Winter Warriors: A stunning all-action adventure from the master of heroic fantasy that will have you gripped (Drenai Novels, 8)

By David Gemmell, Gemmell, David

Jewish Folk Tales

By Sadeh, Pinhas

the wind in the willows

By Kenneth Grahame/Anne McKie, Ken McKie

Ghost Wall: From the Sunday Times bestselling author of Summerwater

By Sarah Moss

1Q84: Books 1 and 2

By Murakami, Haruki