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Natural Resources Management

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"Rolling Stone" Environmental Reader

By Wenner, Jann S.

1 available

Woodland Habitats (Habitat Guides)

By Frater, Mark

1 available

Surviving the Century: Facing Climate Chaos and Other Global Challenges

By Girardet, Herbert

1 available

The Real Cost

By North, Richard

1 available

Sustainable land management: challenges, opportunities and trade-offs (Agriculture and Rural Development)

By World Bank

1 available

Lake Kivu: Limnology and biogeochemistry of a tropical great lake: 5 (Aquatic Ecology Series)

By Descy, Jean-Pierre, Darchambeau, Francois, Schmid, Martin

1 available

Salt: A World History

By Kurlansky, Mark

1 available

The Countryside in Question

By Newby, Howard

1 available

Water Policies in MENA Countries: 23 (Global Issues in Water Policy, 23)

By Zekri, Slim

Integrating Agriculture, Conservation and Ecotourism: Examples from the Field: 1 (Issues in Agroecology – Present Status and Future Prospectus, 1)

By Campbell, W. Bruce, López Ortíz, Silvia

The Fate of Persistent Organic Pollutants in the North Sea: Multiple Year Model Simulations of g-HCH, a-HCH and PCB 153: 7 (Hamburg Studies on Maritime Affairs, 7)

By Ilyina, Tatjana P.

Current Environmental Issues and Challenges

By Cao, Giacomo, Orrù, Roberto

Forest Soils: Properties and Management

By Osman, Khan Towhid

Soil Remediation and Rehabilitation: Treatment of Contaminated and Disturbed Land: 23 (Environmental Pollution, 23)

By Meuser, Helmut

Freshwater Mussel Propagation for Restoration

By Patterson, Matthew A., Mair, Rachel A., Eckert, Nathan L., Gatenby, Catherine M., Brady, Tony, Jones, Jess W., Simmons, Bryan R., Devers, Julie L.

Lake Biwa: Interactions between Nature and People

By Kawanabe, Hiroya, Nishino, Machiko, Maehata, Masayoshi

Handbook on Life Cycle Assessment: Operational Guide to the ISO Standards: 7 (Eco-Efficiency in Industry and Science, 7)

By Guinée, Jeroen B.

Sustainable Development: Science, Ethics, and Public Policy: 3 (Environmental Science and Technology Library, 3)

By Lemons, J., Brown, Donald A.

Petroleum Geology of NW Europe

By Brooks, J., Glennie, K.

Mercury as a Global Pollutant: Human Health Issues: Fourth International Conference, August 4-8 1996,Hamburg, Germany

By Wheatley, Brian, Wyzga, Ron

Energy and the Environment: 15 (Environmental Science and Technology Library)

By Bejan, Adrian, Vadász, Peter, Kröger, Detlev G.

Management of Microbial Resources in the Environment

By Malik, Abdul, Grohmann, Elisabeth, Alves, Madalena

Critical Loads and Dynamic Risk Assessments: Nitrogen, Acidity and Metals in Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystems: 25 (Environmental Pollution, 25)

By de Vries, Wim, Hettelingh, Jean-Paul, Posch, Maximilian

Perspectives on Environmental Impact Assessment: Proceedings of the Annual WHO Training Courses on Environmental Impact Assessment, Centre for ... University of Aberdeen, Scotland, 1980-1983

By Clark, B.D., Gilad, A., Bisset, R., Tomlinson, P.

The Future of the World's Forests: Ideas vs Ideologies: 7 (World Forests, 7)

By Douglas, Jim, Simula, Markku

Environmental Communication. Second Edition: Skills and Principles for Natural Resource Managers, Scientists, and Engineers.

By Jurin, Richard R., Roush, Donny, Danter, K. Jeffrey

Management Planning for Nature Conservation: A Theoretical Basis & Practical Guide: A Theoretical Basis and Practical Guide

By Alexander, Mike

Sustainable Forestry Challenges for Developing Countries: 10 (Environmental Science and Technology Library, 10)

By Palo, Matti, Mery, G.

Ecology of Threatened Semi-Arid Wetlands: Long-Term Research in Las Tablas de Daimiel: 2 (Wetlands: Ecology, Conservation and Management, 2)

By Sánchez-Carrillo, Salvador, Angeler, David G.

People, Places and Landscapes: Social Change in High Amenity Rural Areas: 14 (Landscape Series, 14)

By Krannich, Richard S., Luloff, A. E., Field, Donald R.