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Methods and Procedures for Building Sustainable Farming Systems: Application in the European Context

By Marta-Costa, Ana Alexandra, L. D. G. Soares da Silva, Emiliana

The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement

By Goldratt, Eliyahu M., Cox, Jeff, Whitford, David

Stochastic and Statistical Methods in Hydrology and Environmental Engineering: Time Series Analysis in Hydrology and Environmental Engineering: 10/3 (Water Science and Technology Library, 10/3)

By Hipel, Keith W.

e-Democracy: A Group Decision and Negotiation Perspective: 5 (Advances in Group Decision and Negotiation, 5)

By Rios Insua, David, French, Simon

Stochastic and Statistical Methods in Hydrology and Environmental Engineering: Extreme Values: Floods and Droughts: 10/1 (Water Science and Technology Library, 10/1)

By Hipel, Keith W.

The Value of Information: Methodological Frontiers and New Applications in Environment and Health

By Laxminarayan, Ramanan, MacAuley, Molly K.

Sustainability Accounting and Reporting: 21 (Eco-Efficiency in Industry and Science, 21)

By Schaltegger, Stefan, Bennett, Martin, Burritt, Roger

Bio-Economic Models applied to Agricultural Systems

By Flichman, Guillermo

Smart Markets for Water Resources: A Manual for Implementation: 12 (Global Issues in Water Policy, 12)

By Raffensperger, John F., Milke, Mark W.

Information Sharing in Military Operations (Advanced Sciences and Technologies for Security Applications)

By Goldenberg, Irina, Soeters, Joseph, Dean, Waylon H.

Industrial Competitiveness: Cost Reduction

By Halevi, Gideon

Applications of Systems Thinking and Soft Operations Research in Managing Complexity: From Problem Framing to Problem Solving (Advanced Sciences and Technologies for Security Applications)

By Masys, Anthony J.

Quality Decision Management -The Heart of Effective Futures-Oriented Management: A Primer for Effective Decision-Based Management: 14 (Topics in Safety, Risk, Reliability and Quality, 14)

By Frankel, E.G.

Systemic Decision Making: Fundamentals for Addressing Problems and Messes: 33 (Topics in Safety, Risk, Reliability and Quality, 33)

By Hester, Patrick T., Adams, Kevin MacG.

Game Theory for Managing Security in Chemical Industrial Areas (Advanced Sciences and Technologies for Security Applications)

By Zhang, Laobing, Reniers, Genserik

Product Research: The Art and Science Behind Successful Product Launches

By Raghavan, N. R. Srinivasa, Cafeo, John A.

Intelligent Infrastructures: 42 (Intelligent Systems, Control and Automation: Science and Engineering, 42)

By Negenborn, Rudy R., Lukszo, Zofia, Hellendoorn, Hans

Group Decision and Negotiation. A Process-Oriented View: Joint INFORMS-GDN and EWG-DSS International Conference, GDN 2014, Toulouse, France, June ... in Business Information Processing, 180)

By Zarate, Pascale, Kersten, Gregory E., Hernandez, Jorge E.

Handbook of Group Decision and Negotiation: 4 (Advances in Group Decision and Negotiation, 4)

By Kilgour, D. Marc, Eden, Colin

Service Science in China

By Huo, Jiazhen, Hong, Zhisheng

Continuous Cover Forestry: 23 (Managing Forest Ecosystems, 23)

By Pimentel, David, Peshin, Rajinder, Pukkala, Timo, Gadow, Klaus

Adaptive Business Intelligence

By Michalewicz, Zbigniew, Schmidt, Martin, Matthew, Chiriac, Constantin

What They Teach You at Harvard Business School: The Internationally-Bestselling Business Classic

By Delves Broughton, Philip

Bio-inspired Algorithms for the Vehicle Routing Problem: 161 (Studies in Computational Intelligence, 161)

By Pereira, Francisco Baptista, Tavares, Jorge

Start Your Own Clothing Store (Entrepreneur Magazine's Start Up)

By Entrepreneur Press, N/A

Elements of Simulation: 4 (Chapman & Hall/CRC Texts in Statistical Science)

By Morgan, Byron J.T.

Risk and Asset Allocation (Springer Finance)

By Meucci, Attilio

The Corporate Self Assessment Handbook: For Measuring Business Excellence

By Hakes, C.

ISO 9000 and Beyond: From Compliance to Performance Improvement

By Harrington, H. James

Business Research Methods

By Blumberg, Boris