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Optics & Laser Physics

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By Eugene Hecht, Alfred Zajac

The Light Bulb (Tales of Invention)

By Oxlade, Chris

Applied Photovoltaics

By Wenham, Stuart R, Green, Martin A, Watt, Muriel E, Corkish, Richard


By Muir, Duncan

Infrared Characteristic Group Frequencies

By Socrates, G

Quantum Mechanics: Concepts and Applications

By McGervey, John D.

Principles of Lasers

By Svelto, Orazio

Puffin Factfinders: Optical Illusions

By Duncan, Muir

Multiphoton and Light Driven Multielectron Processes in Organics: New Phenomena, Materials and Applications: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research ... (NATO Science Partnership Subseries: 3, 79...

By Kajzar, F., Agranovich, Vladimir M.

Light (Primary SPACE Project Research Report S.)

By Osborne Jr., J., etc.

A Dictionary of Physics 7/e (Oxford Quick Reference)

By Law, Jonathan, Rennie, Richard

Laser Light Scattering in Biochemistry: 99

By Stephen E. Harding, David B. Sattelle, Victor A. Bloomfield

The Essence of Optoelectronics (Essence of Engineering)

By Booth, Kathryn M., Hill, Steven L.

Common Weeds of East Africa

By Terry, P.J., Food and Agriculture Organization, Michieka, R.W.

Traditional Food Plants: A Resource Book for Promoting the Exploitation and Consumption of Food Plants in Arid, Semi-arid and Sub-humid Lands of Eastern Africa (Food & Nutrition Papers)

By Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Nonlinear Optics: Principles and Applications

By Li, Chunfei

New Trends in Optical Soliton Transmission Systems: 5 (Solid-State Science and Technology Library)

By Hasegawa, Akira

Rare-Earth Doped III-Nitrides for Optoelectronic and Spintronic Applications: 124 (Topics in Applied Physics, 124)

By O'Donnell, Kevin Peter, Dierolf, Volkmar

Nano-Optics: Principles Enabling Basic Research and Applications (NATO Science for Peace and Security Series B: Physics and Biophysics)

By Di Bartolo, Baldassare, Collins, John, Silvestri, Luciano

Problems in Classical Electromagnetism: 157 Exercises with Solutions

By Macchi, Andrea, Moruzzi, Giovanni, Pegoraro, Francesco

Numerical Methods for Metamaterial Design: 127 (Topics in Applied Physics, 127)

By Diest, Kenneth

Primary Theory of Electromagnetics (Power Systems)

By Eom, Hyo J.

Fiber Optic Sensors: Current Status and Future Possibilities: 21 (Smart Sensors, Measurement and Instrumentation, 21)

By Matias, Ignacio R., Ikezawa, Satoshi, Corres, Jesus

Digital Airborne Camera: Introduction and Technology

By Sandau, Rainer

Electromagnetic Processing of Materials: Materials Processing by Using Electric and Magnetic Functions: 99 (Fluid Mechanics and Its Applications, 99)

By Asai, Shigeo

Theory and Technology of Laser Imaging Based Target Detection

By Hu, Yihua

Advanced Geometrical Optics: 4 (Progress in Optical Science and Photonics, 4)

By Lin, Psang Dain

The Element in the Room: Science-y Stuff Staring You in the Face (Festival of the Spoken Nerd)

By Helen Arney, Steve Mould

Microwave Radiation of the Ocean-Atmosphere: Boundary Heat and Dynamic Interaction

By Grankov, Alexander G., Milshin, Alexander

Henricus Martellus’s World Map at Yale (c. 1491): Multispectral Imaging, Sources, and Influence (Historical Geography and Geosciences)

By Van Duzer, Chet