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Philosophical Logic

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Critical Reasoning: A Practical Introduction

By Thomson, Anne

2 available

Rethinking the BSE Crisis: A Study of Scientific Reasoning under Uncertainty

By Cummings, Louise

A Survey of Metaphysics

By Lowe, E. J.

Language, Truth and Logic (Penguin Modern Classics)

By A.J. Ayer, Ayer, A.J., Rogers, Ben

Graham Priest on Dialetheism and Paraconsistency: 18 (Outstanding Contributions to Logic, 18)

By Başkent, Can, Ferguson, Thomas Macaulay

Dialetheism and its Applications: 52 (Trends in Logic, 52)

By Rieger, Adam, Young, Gareth

A Model–Theoretic Approach to Proof Theory: 51 (Trends in Logic, 51)

By Kotlarski, Henryk, Adamowicz, Zofia, Bigorajska, Teresa, Zdanowski, Konrad

Heyting Algebras: Duality Theory: 50 (Trends in Logic, 50)

By Esakia, Leo, Bezhanishvili, Guram, Holliday, Wesley H., Evseev, Anton

Foundations of the Theory of Parthood: A Study of Mereology: 54 (Trends in Logic, 54)

By Pietruszczak, Andrzej

Well-Quasi Orders in Computation, Logic, Language and Reasoning: A Unifying Concept of Proof Theory, Automata Theory, Formal Languages and Descriptive Set Theory: 53 (Trends in Logic, 53)

By Schuster, Peter M., Seisenberger, Monika, Weiermann, Andreas

Meaning and Proscription in Formal Logic: Variations on the Propositional Logic of William T. Parry: 49 (Trends in Logic, 49)

By Ferguson, Thomas Macaulay

Descriptor Revision: Belief Change through Direct Choice: 46 (Trends in Logic, 46)

By Hansson, Sven Ove

Argument and Evidence: Critical Analysis for the Social Sciences

By Phelan, Peter J., Reynolds

Inconsistency in Science: 2 (Origins: Studies in the Sources of Scientific Creativity, 2)

By Meheus, Joke

First, Break All the Rules: What the World's Greatest Managers Do Differently

By Buckingham, Marcus, Coffman, Curt

Ezumezu: A System of Logic for African Philosophy and Studies

By Chimakonam, Jonathan O.

Quantifiers, Quantifiers, and Quantifiers: Themes in Logic, Metaphysics, and Language: 373 (Synthese Library, 373)

By Torza, Alessandro

New Essays on Frege: Between Science and Literature: 3 (Nordic Wittgenstein Studies, 3)

By Bengtsson, Gisela, Säätelä, Simo, Pichler, Alois

Quantum Computation and Logic: How Quantum Computers Have Inspired Logical Investigations: 48 (Trends in Logic, 48)

By Dalla Chiara, Maria Luisa, Giuntini, Roberto, Leporini, Sergioli, Giuseppe

Philosophical Foundations of Quality of Life: The Selected Works of Alex C. Michalos

By Michalos, Alex C.

Epistemology: 5 Questions

By Hendricks, Vincent F., Pritchard, Duncan H.

Sweet Reason: A Field Guide to Modern Logic, 2nd Edition

By Henle, James M.

Virtues of the Mind: An Inquiry into the Nature of Virtue and the Ethical Foundations of Knowledge (Cambridge Studies in Philosophy)

By Zagzebski, Linda Trinkaus

Pursuit of Truth: Revised Edition

By Quine, W. V.

Essays in Experimental Logic

By Davey, John

The Nutritional Health Handbook For Women: The essential guide to women's health: An Integrated Approach to Women's Health Problems and How to Treat ... to Women's Health Problems and How to T)

By Marilyn Glenville

Logic in Reality

By Brenner, Joseph

Semantics and Truth: 45 (Logic, Epistemology, and the Unity of Science, 45)

By Woleński, Jan

Creating Target Publics for Welfare Policies: A Comparative and Multi-level Approach: 17 (Logic, Argumentation & Reasoning, 17)

By Barrault-Stella, Lorenzo, Weill, Pierre-Edouard

Logic for Philosophy

By Sider, Theodore