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Philosophical Logic

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Critical Reasoning: A Practical Introduction

By Thomson, Anne

2 available

Peirce and Husserl: Mutual Insights on Logic, Mathematics and Cognition: 46 (Logic, Epistemology, and the Unity of Science, 46)

By Shafiei, Mohammad, Pietarinen, Ahti-Veikko

Virtues of the Mind: An Inquiry into the Nature of Virtue and the Ethical Foundations of Knowledge (Cambridge Studies in Philosophy)

By Zagzebski, Linda Trinkaus

Pursuit of Truth: Revised Edition

By Quine, W. V.

Essays in Experimental Logic

By Davey, John

The Nutritional Health Handbook For Women: The essential guide to women's health: An Integrated Approach to Women's Health Problems and How to Treat ... to Women's Health Problems and How to T)

By Marilyn Glenville

Logic in Reality

By Brenner, Joseph

Rethinking the BSE Crisis: A Study of Scientific Reasoning under Uncertainty

By Cummings, Louise

The Categories

By Aristotle, Edghill, E.M.

Logic in High Definition: Trends in Logical Semantics: 56 (Trends in Logic, 56)

By Giordani, Alessandro, Malinowski, Jacek

Hajnal Andréka and István Németi on Unity of Science: From Computing to Relativity Theory Through Algebraic Logic: 19 (Outstanding Contributions to Logic, 19)

By Madarász, Judit, Szekely, Gergely

Joachim Lambek: The Interplay of Mathematics, Logic, and Linguistics: 20 (Outstanding Contributions to Logic, 20)

By Casadio, Claudia, Scott, Philip J.

Beg to Differ: The Logic of Disputes and Argumentation

By Agassi, Joseph, Meidan, Abraham

Handbook of Philosophical Logic: Volume 18 (Handbook of Philosophical Logic, 18)

By Gabbay, Dov M., Guenthner, Franz

Intrinsic Value: Concept and Warrant (Cambridge Studies in Philosophy)

By Lemos, Noah M.

Creating the Kingdom of Ends

By Korsgaard

Truth As One And Many

By Lynch, Michael

The Uses of Argument

By Toulmin, Stephen E.

Posterior Analytics

By Aristotle

Abductive Reasoning

By Douglas N. Walton

Truth and Predication

By Davidson, Donald

Formal Philosophy

By Vincent F. Hendricks, John Symons

Inferences by Parallel Reasoning in Islamic Jurisprudence: Al-Shīrāzī’s Insights into the Dialectical Constitution of Meaning and Knowledge: 19 (Logic, Argumentation & Reasoning, 19)

By Rahman, Shahid, Iqbal, Muhammad, Soufi, Youcef

Logic for Philosophy

By Sider, Theodore

Creating Target Publics for Welfare Policies: A Comparative and Multi-level Approach: 17 (Logic, Argumentation & Reasoning, 17)

By Barrault-Stella, Lorenzo, Weill, Pierre-Edouard

Semantics and Truth: 45 (Logic, Epistemology, and the Unity of Science, 45)

By Woleński, Jan

Constructive Semantics: Meaning in Between Phenomenology and Constructivism: 44 (Logic, Epistemology, and the Unity of Science, 44)

By Weiss, Christina

Algebraic Perspectives on Substructural Logics: 55 (Trends in Logic, 55)

By Fazio, Davide, Ledda, Antonio, Paoli, Francesco

Semantics and Pragmatics: Drawing a Line: 11 (Logic, Argumentation & Reasoning, 11)

By Depraetere, Ilse, Salkie, Raphael

Wittgenstein Reader: 1 (Wiley Blackwell Readers)

By Kenny, Sir Anthony