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Philosophy of Mathematics

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Approaching Infinity

By Huemer, M.

The Book Of Nothing

By Barrow, John D.

Remarks on the Foundations of Mathematics

By Wittgenstein, Ludwig, Wright, G. H. von, Anscombe, G. E. M.

Mathematics and Reality

By Leng, Mary

Trust in Numbers: The Pursuit of Objectivity in Science and Public Life (Princeton Paperbacks)

By Porter, Theodore M.

Quadrivium: The Four Classical Liberal Arts of Number, Geometry, Music and Cosmology (Wooden Books Compendia)

By Lundy, Miranda, Sutton, Daud, Ashton, Anthony, Martineau, Jason, John

What is Mathematics, Really?

By Hersh, Reuben

The Golden Ratio: The Story of Phi, the World's Most Astonishing Number

By Livio, Mario

Why Beliefs Matter: Reflections on the Nature of Science

By Davies, E Brian

Software Metrics: A Rigorous and Practical Approach

By Fenton, Norman E., Pfleeger, Shari Lawrence

The Joy of Pi (Allen Lane Science S.)

By Blatner, David

Mathematics and Plausible Reasoning, Volume II: Patterns of Plausible Inference

By Polya, G.

The Mathematics of the Gods and the Algorithms of Men: A Cultural History

By Zellini, Paolo

Mathematics: Its Content, Methods and Meaning (Dover Books on Mathematics)

By Aleksandrov, A. D.

Ten Great Ideas About Chance

By Diaconis, Persi, Skyrms, Brian

The Art of More: how mathematics created civilisation

By Brooks, Michael

Making Meanings in Mathematics: A Collection of Extended and Refereed Papers from BSALM - The British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics

By Laurinda Brown, Laurinda Brown

Philosophy of Mathematics: An Introduction

By Bostock, David

How Mathematics Happened: The First 50,000 Years

By Rudman, Peter S.

The Works Of Archimedes

By Archimedes, Sir Thomas Heath

How the World Works: Mathematics: From Creating the Pyramids to Exploring Infinity (How the World Works, 2)

By Rooney, Anne

Weird Maths: At the Edge of Infinity and Beyond

By Darling, David, Banerjee, Agnijo

How to Count to Infinity: Little Ways to Live a Big Life

By Marcus Du Sautoy, du Sautoy, Marcus

Nature's numbers: discovering order and pattern in the universe

By Stewart, Ian

Number Nine : The Search for the Sigma Code

By Balmond, Cecil

Mathematics for Human Flourishing

By Su, Francis, Jackson, Christopher

Ten Great Ideas about Chance

By Diaconis, Persi

The Logician and the Engineer: How George Boole and Claude Shannon Created the Information Age

By Nahin, Paul J.

"e": The Story of a Number (Princeton Science Library)

By Maor, Eli

Fibonacci's Rabbits: And 49 Other Breakthroughs that Revolutionised Mathematics (Great Experiments)

By Adam Hart-Davis