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Philosophy of Physics

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Medievalism and Metal Music Studies: Throwing Down the Gauntlet (Emerald Studies in Metal Music and Culture)

By Ruth Barratt-Peacock, Ruth Barratt-Peacock, Ross Hagen

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Penguin Great Ideas : Meditations: Marcus Aurelius

By Aurelius, Marcus

1 available

Does God Play Dice?: The New Mathematics of Chaos

By Stewart, Ian

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Mathematical Studies: Mathematical Studies Course Companion

By Bedding, Stephen, Coad, Mal, Forrest, Jane, Fussey, Beryl, Waldman De Tokman, Paula

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The Stars of Heaven

By Pickover, Clifford A.

Evolution - the Extended Synthesis (The MIT Press)

By Pigliucci, Massimo, Ed.

An Introduction to Education Studies: The Student Guide to Themes and Contexts

By Warren, Sue

A Sociology of Educating

By Meighan, Roland, Harber, Clive

Pandemic!: COVID-19 Shakes the World

By Žižek, Slavoj

Facing Up: Science and Its Cultural Adversaries

By Weinberg, Steven

Time's Arrow and Archimedes' Point: New Directions for the Physics of Time

By Price, Huw

The End of Time. The Next Revolution in Our Understanding of the Universe

By Barbour, Dr Julian

The Infamous Boundary: Seven Decades Of Heresy In Quantum Physics

By Faris, W.

Nature Loves to Hide: Quantum Physics and the Nature of Reality, a Western Perspective

By Malin, Shimon

Quest: The Essence of Humanity

By Pasternak, Charles, Blumberg, Baruch

Alternate Realities: How Science Shapes Our Vision of the World (Issues in Clinical Child Psychology)

By Davis, Joel

Journeys to the Ends of the Universe: A guided tour of the beginnings and endings of planets, stars, galaxies and the universe

By Kitchin, C.R.

Lady Tasting Tea: How Statistics Revolutionized Science in the Twentieth Century

By Salsburg, David

Sport in the UK (Active Learning in Sport Series)

By Leona Trimble, Woobae Lee, Clint Godfrey, David Grecic, Susan Minten

Touching the Rock: An Experience of Blindness

By Hull, John M.

The Accidental Universe

By Davies, P

Information and the Nature of Reality: From Physics to Metaphysics

By Davies, Paul, Gregersen, Niels Henrik

What Is Real?: The Unfinished Quest for the Meaning of Quantum Physics

By Becker, Adam

Hippocratic Oaths: Medicine and its Discontents

By Tallis, Raymond

The Quantum Universe

By Hey, Tony, Walters, Patrick

The Ethnographic Imagination

By Willis, Paul

It Must be Beautiful: Great Equations of Modern Science

By Farmelo, Graham

The World Treasury of Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics

By Ferris, Timothy, Fadiman, Clifton

Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology

By Abram, David

Humane Medicine

By Little, Miles