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Physical Chemistry

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OCR A2 Chemistry A Student Book and CD-ROM

By Gent, Dave, Ritchie, Rob, Mr Dave Gent, Mr Rob Ritchie

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Iptycenes Chemistry: From Synthesis to Applications

By Chen, Chuan-Feng, MA, Ying-Xian

Extruding Plastics: A practical processing handbook

By Rosato, D.V.

Stem Cell Engineering: A WTEC Global Assessment (Science Policy Reports)

By Nerem, Robert M., Loring, Jeanne, McDevitt, Todd C., Palecek, Sean P., Schaffer, David V., Zandstra, Peter W.

Polymer Networks: Principles of their Formation, Structure and Properties

By Stepto, R.F.

Introduction to the Theory of Soft Matter: From Ideal Gases to Liquid Crystals (Soft and Biological Matter)

By Selinger, Jonathan V.

Degradable Polymers: Principles and applications

By Scott, G., Gilead, D.

Physical and Chemical Properties of Aerosols

By Colbeck, Ian

Magnetic Techniques for the Treatment of Materials

By Svoboda, Jan

Blends of Natural Rubber: Novel Techniques for Blending with Specialty Polymers

By Jones, K.C., Tinker, Andrew

Contributions to Partial Differential Equations and Applications: 47 (Computational Methods in Applied Sciences, 47)

By Chetverushkin, B. N., Fitzgibbon, W., Kuznetsov, Y.A., Neittaanmäki, P., Periaux, J., Pironneau, O.

Ruthenium Oxidation Complexes: Their Uses as Homogenous Organic Catalysts: 34 (Catalysis by Metal Complexes, 34)

By Griffith, William P.

Encyclopedia of Nanotechnology

By BHUSHAN, Bharat

Polymer Science Dictionary

By Alger, Mark

Growth of Crystals: 21

By Givargizov, E.I., Mel'nikova, A.M.

Liquid Crystal Colloids (Soft and Biological Matter)

By Muševič, Igor

Numerical Methods with Worked Examples: Matlab Edition

By Woodford, C., Phillips

Automotive Painting Technology: A Monozukuri-Hitozukuri Perspective

By Toda, Kimio, Salazar, Abraham, Saito, Kozo

Biosensors for Security and Bioterrorism Applications (Advanced Sciences and Technologies for Security Applications)

By Nikolelis, Dimitrios P., Nikoleli, Georgia-Paraskevi

Electrochemical Analysis of Proteins and Cells (SpringerBriefs in Molecular Science)

By Li, Genxi, Miao, Peng

Green-Function Theory of Chemisorption

By Sydney G. Davison, Kenneth W. Sulston

Electronic Structure and Magneto-Optical Properties of Solids

By Antonov, Victor, Harmon, Bruce, Yaresko, Alexander

Battery Management Systems: Design by Modelling (Philips Research Book Series - Volume 1) (Philips Research Book Series, 1)

By Bergveld, H.J., Kruijt, W.S., Notten, P.H.L

Rheology and Processing of Liquid Crystal Polymers: 2 (Polymer Liquid Crystals Series, 2)

By Acierno, Domenico, Collyer, A.A.

Structure and Properties of Liquid Crystals

By Blinov, Lev M.

Equilibrium Between Phases of Matter: Supplemental Text for Materials Science and High-Pressure Geophysics

By Jacobs, M.H.G., Oonk, H.A.J.

Computational Studies, Nanotechnology, and Solution Thermodynamics of Polymer Systems

By Dadmun, Mark D., Van Hook, W. Alexander, Noid, Donald W., Melnichenko, Yuri B., Sumpter, Robert G.

Analysis of Sterols

By Goad, J., Akihisa, T.

Polymer Composite Materials - Interface Phenomena & Processes: Interface Phenomena and Processes: v. 90 (Solid Mechanics and Its Applications)

By Ivanov, Y., Cheshkov, Valerii, Natova, Margarita

Equilibrium Between Phases of Matter: Phenomenology and Thermodynamics

By Oonk, H.A.J., Calvet, M.T.