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A Level Physics Revision Notes

By Wallis

1 available


By Pollard, Jeremy, Schmit, Adrian

1 available

Edexcel GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics Lab Book: EDX GCSE Bio, Chem and Physics Lab Book (Edexcel (9-1) GCSE Science 2016)

By AA.VV, .

1 available

AQA Science GCSE Physics: Students' Book

By Breithaupt, J, Ryan, Lawrie, J Breithaupt

1 available

Edexcel International GCSE and Certificate Physics Practice Book

By England, Nick, Thomas, Nicky

1 available

New National Curriculum Edition for GCSE (Physics for You)

By Johnson, Keith

1 available

GCSE Physics AQA Revision Guide

By CGP Books, CGP Books

1 available

Co-ordinated Science: Physics: Teacher's Guide

By Pople, Stephen

1 available

Parallel Learning of Reading and Writing in Early Childhood

By England, Nick, Shea, Mary, Mary Shea

1 available

Forces and Fields - Tchrs' (Unit FF)

By Advanced Physics Project for Independent Learning

1 available

Physics in Engineering: 16-19: Book 1: Mechanics and Heat

By Raitt, Gordon

1 available

Physics 2 (Cambridge Advanced Sciences)

By Sang, David

1 available

Physics (Nuffield Co-ordinated Sciences S.)

By Monger, Grace, etc.

Concise Advanced Level Physics: In S.I.Units

By Hayes, Arnold Richard W.

Crystals (Longman physics topics)

By Hurst, Sister M.M., McArthur, T.H.

Longman GCSE Study Guide: Physics updated edition (LONGMAN GCSE STUDY GUIDES)

By Palfreyman, Keith, Maunder, Colin

Longman Exam Practice Kits: A-level Physics

By Grounds, Stephen, Kirby, Mr Edwin

Energy in Action (Science at Work S.)

By McSharry, Gabrielle, Rowlands, David, Snape, George

Using Electricity (Science at Work S.)

By Sayers, Rod

Physics (Longman Co-ordinated Science S.)

By Brodie, David

Physics (Longman revise guides. A-level and AS-level)

By Grounds, Stephen, Kirby, Edwin, Ed

Fluid Mechanics

By Douglas, Dr J. F., Gasiorek, Dr John, Swaffield, Prof John

Electricity and Magnetism (Science at Work S.)

By Snape, George, Rowlands, David


By Grounds, S.

Physics (GCSE Reference Guides)

By Palfreyman, Keith

Physics (A Level Revise Guides)

By Grounds, Stephen, Kirby, Edwin, Grouds, Stephen

The Strangest Man: The hidden Life of Paul Dirac, Quantum Genius

By Farmelo, Graham

Black Holes And Baby Universes And Other Essays

By Stephen Hawking

The Grand Design

By Mlodinow, Leonard, Hawking, Stephen

Key to the Universe: Report on the New Physics

By Calder, Nigel