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Fire!: The 100 Most Devastating Fires Through the Ages and the Heroes Who Fought Them

By Goodman, Edward C.

1 available

The Cloud Book: How to Understand the Skies

By Hamblyn, Richard

1 available

The Dorset Weather Book: A Century of Storms, Floods and Freezes

By Ching, Mark, Currie, Ian

1 available

An Ocean of Air: A Natural History of the Atmosphere

By Walker, Gabrielle

1 available

Lake Kivu: Limnology and biogeochemistry of a tropical great lake: 5 (Aquatic Ecology Series)

By Descy, Jean-Pierre, Darchambeau, Francois, Schmid, Martin

1 available

Extraordinary Clouds: Skies of the Unexpected from the Beautiful to the Bizarre

By Hamblyn, Richard

1 available

Pathways Through Science: Earth and Atmosphere (Nuffield Modular Science)

By Nuffield-Chelsea Curriculum Trust, Nuffield-Chelsea Curriculum Trust, Brodie, David

1 available

El Nino: The Weather Phenomenon That Changed the World

By Couper-Johnston, Ross

1 available

Granta 83: This Overheating World (Granta: The Magazine of New Writing)

By Jack, Ian

1 available

The Atmosphere (Barron's Focus of Science)

By Maury, Jean-Pierre

Snowball Earth: The Story of the Global Catastrophe That Spawned Life as We Know it

By Walker, Gabrielle

Eyewitness Guide: Hurricane & Tornado (DK Eyewitness)

By Challoner, Jack

The Weather Machine: How We See Into the Future

By Blum, Andrew

Philip's Guide to Global Hazards

By Kovach, Robert, McGuire, Bill

A Climate for Change: Global Warming Facts for Faith-Based Decisions

By Hayhoe, Katharine, Farley, Andrew

Wonderful Weather (First Science Experiments) (First Science Experiments S.)

By Levine, Shar, Johnstone, Leslie

Saline Agriculture: Salt-Tolerant Plants for Developing Countries


"Daily Telegraph" Book of the Weather

By Eden, Philip

The Secret Life of Dust: From the Cosmos to the Kitchen Counter, the Big Consequences of Little Things

By Holmes, Hannah



Global Environmental Change: Challenges to Science and Society in Southeastern Europe: Selected Papers presented in the International Conference held 19-21 May 2008 in Sofia Bulgaria

By Alexandrov, Vesselin, Gajdusek, Martin Felix, Knight, C. Gregory, Yotova, Antoaneta


By Hermant, Alex, Berger, Gerard

Taming the Flood: Rivers, Wetlands and the Centuries-Old Battle Against Flooding

By Jeremy Purseglove

Contemporary Climatology

By Robinson, P.J.

Global Warming: v. 28 (Issues for the Nineties S.)

By Donnellan, Craig

Climate Change 1995: Economic and Social Dimensions of Climate Change: Contribution of Working Group III to the Second Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

By Bruce, James P., Lee, Hoesung, Haites, Erik F.

Global Environmental Issues: A Climatological Approach

By Kemp, David

Storm (Wonder World S.)

By Hucker, Judy, Villers, Helen

Climates of Southern and Western Asia: 9 (World Survey of Climatology S.)

By Takahashi, K., Arakawa, H.

Introduction to Climate

By Trewartha, Glenn T., Horn, L.H.