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The United States of Strange: 1,001 Frightening, Bizarre, Outrageous Facts About the Land of the Free and the Home of the Frog People, the Cockroach Hall of Fame, and Carhenge

By Grzymkowski, Eric

1 available

An Apple A Day: Old-Fashioned Proverbs and Why They Still Work

By Taggart, Caroline

1 available

Remember, Remember (The Fifth of November): The History of Britain in Bite-Sized Chunks

By Parkinson, Judy, Judy Parkinson

1 available

I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud: And Other Poems You Half-Remember from School (I Used to Know That ...)

By Sampson, Ana, Ana Sampson

1 available

Train Teasers: A Quiz Book for the Cultured Trainspotter

By Martin, Andrew

Legends, Lies & Cherished Myths of American History

By Shenkman, Richard

222 QI Answers to Your Quite Ingenious Questions: More of Your Questions Answered by the QI Elves

By Elves, Qi

Cricket: Let's Get Quizzical

By Prydderch, Gwion

Mensa Brain Fit

By Robert Allen

Tremendously Tricky IQ Puzzles

By Collier, Colleen, Mellows, Nicki, Sherwood, Gary

As Easy As Pi: Stuff about numbers that isn't (just) maths

By Buchan, Jamie


By Swinnerton, Jo

Quiz Lists Quizzes (Categorical quizzes)

By Rigby, Christopher

Collins Bradford’s Crossword Solver’s Lists

By Bradford, Anne R.

Test Your Cat: The Cat IQ Test - Is your Cat an undiscovered Genius?

By Bard, E. M.

Bletchley Park Logic Puzzles (Bletchley Park Puzzles, 6)

By Saunders, Eric

The GCHQ Puzzle Book II, Bletchley Park Brainteasers, The Scotland Yard Puzzle Book, The Bumper Book of Would You Rather 4 Books Collection Set

By GCHQ, Sinclair McKay, Joe Kerr, The GCHQ Puzzle Book II 978-0241365434, 0241365430, 9780241365434, Bletchley Park Brainteasers 978-1472252609, 1472252608, 9781472252609, The Scotland Yard Puzzle Book 978-1472258335, 1472258339, 9781472258335, The Bumpe...

The Only Fools & Horses Quiz Book: A lovely jubbly Christmas gift

By White, John

Family Flip Quiz: Bk.2

By Paton, John

Activity book for 8-12 years old: mixed puzzl book ! Word search, Sudoku, Word scramble, coloring pages, Mazes and Draw 8,5”x11”

By King, Zoubir

Chris Tarrant's Dangly Bits

By Tarrant, Chris

Carol Vorderman's How to Do Sudoku

By Vorderman, Carol

The World's Most Difficult Quiz 2: More King William's College General Knowledge Papers

By Pat Cullen

How Many Moons Does the Earth Have?: The Ultimate Science Quiz Book

By Clegg, Brian

I Never Knew That About Britain: The Quiz Book: Over 1000 questions and answers about our glorious isles

By Winn, Christopher

The Oxford Essential Guide to the English Language

By Ayto, John

Seriously Curious: 109 facts and figures to turn your world upside down

By Standage, Tom

National Geographic Kids Quiz Whiz: 1,000 Super Fun, Mind-Bending, Totally Awesome Trivia Questions

By National Geographic Kids Magazine, National Geographic Kids

Pears Ultimate Quiz Companion: 2nd Edition (Penguin Reference Books S.)

By Hensman, Jim

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