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The Good People: Hannah Kent

By Kent, Hannah

1 available

Block 1

By Harrison, C., Regan, S.

1 available

Block 5 (Course A103)

By Havely, Cicely Palser, Hardwick, Lorna

1 available

For Use with TV or Video 25v, 26v, 27v, 29v, Support Audiocassettes Ac2342, 2343 and Resource Book Four (Block 6) (An Introduction to the Humanities: ... Mainstream Culture and Counter-culture)

By Marwick, A., Moore, J., Mumm, S., Herbert, T., Richards, F., Harrison, C.

1 available

For Use with Block 6 (Bk. 4) (A103 An introduction to the humanities)

By OU Course Team

1 available

The Great Pyramid Decoded

By Lemesurier, Peter

1 available

Sammy Spider's Hanukkah Fun Book

By Rouss, Sylvia

1 available

Selected Political Writings

By Saint Thomas Aquinas, A P D'ENTREVES, J.G. Dawson

1 available

Only a Baby: Christmas Story in Words and Music

By Chapple, Reginald

1 available

Religion And the Rise of Capitalism: A Historical Study (Penguin Twentieth Century Classics S.)

By Tawney, R.

1 available

Counsels On the Spiritual Life (Penguin Classics 60s S.)

By Sherley-Price, Leo, Kempis, Thomas

1 available

Believers All: Book of Six World Religions

By Simmonds, David

Theology of the Old Testament

By John L. McKenzie

Peter in the New Testament

By Brown, Raymond E., etc.

Christian Celebration: the sacraments

By J. D. Crichton

Christian's Prayer Book

By Coughlan, Peter, etc.

Daily Pocket Lectionary and Mass Book: Sunday and Weekday Readings from Pentecost to Advent v. 2

By Catholic Church

Christian Celebration The Mass: Mass, The

By Crichton, J.D., J D

Daily Pocket Lectionary and Mass Book: Sunday and Weekday Readings from Advent to Pentecost v. 1

By Catholic Church

Praise the Lord Melody Edition Revised and Enlarged

By John, Ainslie, Dean Stephen, Inwood Paul

Prayer of the Church: w. Suppt. 1-5: Interim Version of the Roman Breviary

By Catholic Church

Augustin Cardinal Bea: Spiritual Profile

By Bea, Cardinal

Finding Jesus

By Rowntree, Winston

Bearing the Cross: Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference

By Garrow, David J.

God Who Saves Us

By Kramer, Karl

The Law of Love and the Law of Violence

By L N Tolstoi, Baroness Budberg, Mary Tolstoy

Worlds of Difference

By Palmer, Martin, Bisset, Esther

A Primary Religious Education Course: Jerusalem Bk.3

By Richard Hughes

AS and A Level Religious Studies: Philosophy and Ethics Through Diagrams (Oxford Revision Guides)

By Dewar, Greg

The Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ

By Joan Grills, Malcolm Grills