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The Brains of Rats (Valancourt 20th Century Classics)

By Blumlein, Michael, McDowell

Far Horizons

By Silverberg, Robert

Mortal Engines

By Lem, Stanislaw

Robot Visions

By Asimov, Isaac, McQuarrie, Ralph


By Vonnegut, Kurt

Orsinian Tales

By Le Guin, Ursula K.

We Can Remember It For You Wholesale (Collected Short Stories of Philip K. Dick)

By Philip K. Dick, Thomas M. Disch

The Years of Rice and Salt

By Robinson, Kim Stanley

Exceptions to Reality: Stories

By Foster, Alan Dean

The Dark Tower

By Lewis, C. S.

Myths of the Near Future

By Ballard, J. G.

The Wind from the Sun

By Clarke, Arthur C.

Swiftly: A Novel (GOLLANCZ S.F.)

By Roberts, Adam

Worthing Saga

By Card, Orson Scott

The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories

By H. P. Lovecraft, S. T. Joshi

Three Moments of an Explosion: Stories

By MiƩville, China

The Worthing Saga (Legend books)

By Card, Orson Scott


By Shirley, John

October Country

By Bradbury, Ray

Star Trek: Bk. 2: The New Voyages

By Marshak, Sondra, Culbreath, Myrna

The Disaster Area

By Ballard, J. G.

Stories of Your Life and Others: Ted Chiang

By Chiang, Ted

Five Great Novels: The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, Martian Time-Slip, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, UBIK, A Scanner Darkly

By Dick, Philip K.

Ensign Flandry (Coronet Books)

By Anderson, Poul

Moon Maid

By Burroughs, Edgar Rice

A Year With C. S. Lewis: 365 Daily Readings from His Classic Works

By Lewis, C. S.


By McDevitt, Jack

Voices from the Radium Age (MIT Press / Radium Age)

By Glenn, Joshua

King Of The Hill

By McAuley, Paul J.

Minority Report: Philip K. Dick

By Dick, Philip K