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Science Fiction for Young Adults

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The Giver

By Lowry, Lois

1 available

Scrivener's Moon (Mortal Engines)

By Philip Reeve, Reeve, Philip

Molly Moon Stops the World (Molly Moon, 2)

By Byng, Georgia

The Bone Magician

By E. Higgins, F.

Bad Bargain (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

By Gallagher, Diana G.

Saving The Dinosaurs

By Waller, Jane

The Forsaken

By Stasse, Lisa

Song Quest

By Katherine Roberts

Hex: Shadows

By Lassiter, Rhiannon

Hex: Ghosts

By Lassiter, Rhiannon

The Watcher (Roswell High, No 4)

By Metz, Melinda

Eco Crash (Changing Universe II)

By Dicks, Terrance

Moons of Lannamur

By Hill, Douglas

Galaxy's Edge: Bk. 1 (Cade S.)

By Hill, Douglas

The Seeker (Roswell High, No 3)

By Metz, Melinda

Ghosts of Triton: Bk. 2 (Solar Colonies S.)

By Catran, Ken

Cassie and the Conway Curse (Second Sight) (Second Sight S.)

By Dicks, Terrance

Starforce Red Alert (The "Titan" series)

By Spencer, Chris

The Hawk Bandits of Tarkoom (The Secrets of Droon: 11): No.11

By Abbott, Tony

The Knights of Silversnow (Secrets of Droon)

By Abbott, Tony

Ironheart (Legend of Ironheart)

By Boroughs, Allan


By Lassiter, Rhiannon

Destination Unknown: No. 2 (Remnants S.)

By Applegate, Katherine

Red Shift

By Garner, Alan


By Caroline, Macdonald

The Diabolic (Diabolic 1) [Assorted covers]

By Kincaid, S. J.

The Book of Dragons (Dover Children's Classics)

By Nesbit, E.

Twisted Symmetry: Book 1 (Bad Tuesdays)

By Myers, Benjamin J.


By higson-charles, Higson, Charlie

Catching Fire (Hunger Games, Book 2)

By Suzanne Collins, Collins, Suzanne