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Why Nations go to War

By John G. Stoessinger

How Did American Slavery Begin? (Historians at Work)

By Countryman, Edward

Macmillan Dictionary of Women's Biography (Dictionary Series)

By Uglow, Jennifer

The Paris Commune: French Politics, Culture, and Society at the Crossroads of the Revolutionary Tradition and Revolutionary Socialism (European History in Perspective)

By Shafer, David A.

White Mythologies

By Young, Robert J.C.

Europe in the World: The Persistence of Power Politics

By Keens-Soper, Maurice

Racism in Europe: 1870-2000 (European Culture and Society)

By MacMaster, Neil

An Introduction to Linguistics

By Poole, Stuart C.


By Tam, Henry, henry-tam

The Economics of Asymmetric Information

By Hillier, Brian

The United Nations and International Politics (Studies in Contemporary History)

By Ryan, Stephen

Introducing Psychological Research: Sixty Studies that Shape Psychology

By Banyard, Philip, Andrew Grayson, Grayson, Andrew

The 1830 Revolution in France

By Pilbeam, P.

Game Theory and Economics

By Montet, Christian, Serra, Daniel

The End of Imperial Russia, 1855-1917 (European History in Perspective)

By Waldron, Peter

The Macmillan Field Guide to Bird Identification

By Harris, Alan, etc.

Developments in British Politics 4: Bk.4

By Dunleavy, Patrick, Gamble, Andrew, Holliday, Ian, Peele, Gillian

Government and Politics in Africa, 2nd edition

By Tordoff, WILLIAM

Macmillan Dictionary of Modern Economics (Dictionary Series)

By Pearce, David W., Cairns, John, Elliot, Robert, McAvinchey, Ian, Shaw, Robert

Macmillan Dictionary of Women's Biography (Dictionary Series)

By Uglow, Jennifer

Statistical Tables: For students of Science Engineering Psychology Business Management Finance

By Barnes, J.A., Murdoch, J.

Between Europe and America: The Future of British Politics

By Gamble, Andrew

Weimar and the Rise of Hitler (Making of the Twentieth Century)

By Nicholls, A.J.

Weapons: An International Encyclopedia 5000 Bc - Ad 2000

By The Diagram Group

Italian Fascism, 1919-1945 (Making of the Twentieth Century)

By Morgan, Philip

Legal Discourse: Studies in Linguistics, Rhetoric and Legal Analysis (Language, Discourse, Society)

By Goodrich, Peter

Problems of Political Philosophy

By Raphael, D. D.

Pakistan and Bangladesh (People & places)

By Brown, Susan, Savage, Ann

South East Asia (People & places)

By Mason, Antony

Mastering Philosophy (Macmillan Master S.)

By Harrison-Barbet, Anthony