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Stareway to Spelling: A Manual for Reading and Spelling High Frequency Words(2006 Revised Edition)

By Cowling, Keda, Cowley, Kelsey Gerard, Frank

Bilinguality and Literacy: Principles and Practice

By Datta, Manjula, Baker, Colin

Special Educational Provision in the Context of Inclusion: Policy and Practice in Schools

By Wearmouth, Janice

Equality and Diversity in Education 1: Learning, Teaching and Managing in Schools: Experiences of Learning, Teaching and Managing Schools (Developing ... Equality and Diversity in Education)

By Armstrong, Felicity

Enabling Inclusion: Blue Skies...Dark Clouds? (Professional excellence in schools)

By O'Brien, Tim

Equality and Diversity in Education 2: National and International Contexts for Practice and Research (Developing Inclusive Curricula: Equality and Diversity in Education)

By Armstrong, Felicity, Masterton, Mary, Potts, Patricia

The Smartest Kids in the World: And How They Got That Way

By Ripley, Amanda

Learning Through Interaction: Technology and Children with Multiple Disabilities

By Murdoch, Heather, Bozic, Nick

Curricula for Diversity in Education (Learning for All, No 1)

By Booth, Tony

Keep Talking: Teaching in the Target Language (Young Pathfinder S.)

By Satchwell, Peter

Spelltrack Workbook: Spelling Activities for Key Stages 1 and 2

By Cryer, Laura

Planning for Special Needs: A Whole School Approach

By Thomas, Gary, Feiler, Anthony

Silent Boy: He was a frightened boy who refused to speak – until a teacher's love broke through the silence

By Hayden, Torey

Management and the Special School

By Bowers, Tony

Transforming The Role Of The Senco: Achieving The National Award For Sen Coordination

By Hallett, Fiona

Developing Personal Safety Skills in Children with Disabilities

By Freda Briggs

Seahorse's Magical Sun Sequences: How all children (and sea creatures) can use yoga to feel positive, confident and completely included

By Michael Chissick

Silent Boy: He Was a Frightened Boy Who Refused to Speak - Until a Teacher's Love Broke Through the Silence

By Hayden, Torey

Handbook (The Somerset Thinking Skills Course)

By Blagg, Nigel, etc.

How to Survive and Succeed as a SENCo in the Secondary School

By Hepburn, Brian, Pattison, David

Bad Alice: In the Shadow of the Red Queen: Level 4-5 (Hodder Reading Project)

By Ure, Jean

Animal Rights: Level 4-5 (Hodder Reading Project)

By Hackman, Sue

The Equality Act for Educational Professionals: A Simple Guide to Disability Inclusion in Schools (David Fulton / Nasen)

By Grant, Moyra, Hills, Geraldine

Bandwidth Recovery: Helping Students Reclaim Cognitive Resources Lost to Poverty, Racism, and Social Marginalization

By Verschelden, Cia

The SENCO Survival Guide: The nuts and bolts of everything you need to know (nasen spotlight)

By Edwards, Sylvia

The Senco Handbook: Working Within a Whole-School Approach

By Cowne, Elizabeth

Practical Activities for Children with Dyscalculia- Schools Edition

By Attwood, Tony

Managing Special Education

By Fish, John

Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism (Bilingual Education & Bilingualism)

By Colin Baker

Special Needs in the Early Years: Snapshots of Practice

By Wolfendale, Sheila