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Serial Killers

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Women Who Kill: Profiles of Female Serial Killers

By Carol Anne Davis

Mindhunter: Inside the FBI Elite Serial Crime Unit (Now A Netflix Series)

By Douglas, John, Olshaker, Mark

Darkly Dreaming Dexter: Book One

By Lindsay, Jeff

Southern Cross (Andy Brazil)

By Cornwell, Patricia

Forgotten Life: Number 2 in series (Squire Quartet)

By Aldiss, Brian W.


By Douglas, John, Olshaker, Mark

The Rottweiler

By Rendell, Ruth

People Who Eat Darkness: The True Story of a Young Woman Who Vanished from the Streets of Tokyo--And the Evil That Swallowed Her Up

By Parry, Richard Lloyd

Wicked Beyond Belief: The Hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper

By Bilton, Michael

[(Bitter Blood: A True Story of Southern Family Pride, Madness, and Multiple Murder)] [by: Jerry Bledsoe]

By Jerry Bledsoe

Mapping Murder: The Secrets of Geographical Profiling

By David Canter

Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison

By Sheridan Alan, Estep, Foucault Michel

A History of British Serial Killing: The Shocking Account of Jack the Ripper, Harold Shipman and Beyond

By David Wilson

Such a Fun Age: 'The book of the year' Independent

By Reid, Kiley

We Keep the Dead Close: A Murder at Harvard and a Half Century of Silence

By Cooper, Becky

Signs of Murder: A small town in Scotland, a miscarriage of justice and the search for the truth

By Wilson, David

Mr Nice & Mrs Marks: - Adventures with Howard

By Marks, Judy

The Lost British Serial Killer

By Harrison, Paul, David Wilson

3,096 Days

By Kampusch, Natascha

The Death Sculptor: A brilliant serial killer thriller, featuring the unstoppable Robert Hunter: Volume 4

By Carter, Chris

Jack the Ripper: The Illustrated History of the Whitechapel Murders

By Richard Jones

Furious Hours: Murder, Fraud and the Last Trial of Harper Lee

By Cep, Casey

The Cocaine Diaries: A Venezuelan Prison Nightmare

By Farrell, Jeff, Keany, Paul

Stay Sexy and Don't Get Murdered: The Definitive How-To Guide From the My Favorite Murder Podcast

By Hardstark, Georgia, Kilgariff, Karen

Forensic Detective: How I Cracked the World's Toughest Cases

By Mann, Robert, Williamson, Miryam

The Bus Stop Killer: Milly Dowler, Her Murder and the Full Story of the Sadistic Serial Killer Levi Bellfield

By Wansell, Geoffrey

The Night Stalker: The Life and Crimes of One of America's Deadliest Killers

By Carlo, Philip

My Life with Murderers: Behind Bars with the World's Most Violent Men

By David Wilson

Fatal Friends, Deadly Neighbors: Ann Rule's Crime Files Volume 16 (Volume 16)

By Rule, Ann

The Murder of the Century: The Gilded Age Crime That Scandalized a City & Sparked the Tabloid Wars

By Collins, Paul