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Social & Cultural Anthropology

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Crossfires: Nationalism, Racism and Gender in Europe

By Lutz, Professor Helma, etc., Phoenix, Ann, Yuval-Davis, Nira

CLASS WARFARE: Interviews with David Barsamian

By Chomsky, Noam

Fatal Strategies (Pluto Classics)

By Baudrillard, Jean

Explorations in Cultural History

By Ashplant, T. G., Smyth, Gerry


By Inayatullah, Sohail, Boxwell, Gail

What is Anthropology? (Anthropology, Culture and Society)

By Eriksen, Thomas Hylland

Small Places, Large Issues - Fourth Edition: An Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology (Anthropology, Culture and Society)

By Eriksen, Thomas Hylland

Ideology and Modern Culture: Critical Social Theory in the Era of Mass Communication

By Thompson, John B

Feminism and Anthropology (Feminist Perspectives)

By Moore, Henrietta

The Mode of Information: Poststructuralism and Social Contexts

By Poster, Mark

Children and Television: A Semiotic Approach

By Hodge, Bob, Tripp, David

Fiction in the Archives: Pardon Tales and Their Tellers in Sixteenth Century France

By Davis, Natalie Zemon

Selected Writings

By Jean Baudrillard, Mark Poster

Homo Academicus

By Bourdieu, Pierre

Formations of Modernity : (Introduction to sociology): 01

By Gieben, Bram, Hall, Stuart

Social and Cultural Forms of Modernity: Understanding Modern Societies, Book III: 3

By Bocock, Robert, Hall, Stuart, Thompson, Kenneth

Modernity and Its Futures: Understanding Modern Societies, Book IV

By Hall, Stuart, Held, David, McGrew, Tony

Foucault: A Critical Introduction (Key Contemporary Thinkers)

By Mcnay, Lois

Politics and Popular Culture

By Street, John

Modernity and Ambivalence

By Bauman, Zygmunt

Ideology and Cultural Identity: Modernity and the Third World Presence

By Larrain, Jorge

Globalization and Culture

By Tomlinson, John

The Second Media Age

By Poster, Mark

Global Sport: Identities, Societies, Civilizations

By Maguire, Joseph

Anthropology of Food: The Social Dynamics of Food Security

By Pottier, Johan

A History of Childhood: Children and Childhood in the West from Medieval to Modern Times (Themes in History)

By Heywood, Colin

Civilising Subjects: Metropole and Colony in the English Imagination 1830 - 1867

By Hall, Catherine

Globalization: The Human Consequences (Themes for the 21st Century Series)

By Bauman, Zygmunt

The Reality of the Mass Media

By Luhmann, Niklas

Leisure and Ancient Rome: Old Images, New Visions

By J. P. Toner