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Managing Environmental Pollution (Routledge Environmental Management)

By Farmer, Andrew

1 available

Coast: A Celebration of Britain's Coastal Heritage

By Somerville, Christopher

3 available

The Sacred Balance - Rediscovering Our Place In Nature

By David Suzuki with Amanda McConnell

1 available

Coast From the Air

By Oliver, Neil

1 available

Urban Resilience (Planning, Environment, Cities)

By Coaffee, Jon & Lee Peter

1 available

Dictionary of Human Geography

By Johnston, R. J., Watts, Michael, Gregory, Derek

1 available

The Real Cost

By North, Richard

1 available

Glaciers and Glaciation

By Evans, David, Benn, Douglas

1 available

Basics of Environmental Science

By Allaby, Michael

1 available

Woodland Habitats (Habitat Guides)

By Frater, Mark

1 available

Transnational Activities and Immigrant Integration in Germany: Concurrent or Competitive Processes?: 8 (International Perspectives on Migration, 8)

By Schunck, Reinhard

Community Quality-of-Life Indicators: Best Cases III: 1 (Community Quality-of-Life Indicators, 1)

By Sirgy, M. Joseph, Phillips, Rhonda, Rahtz, Don

Community Quality-of-Life Indicators: Best Cases V: 3 (Community Quality-of-Life Indicators, 3)

By Sirgy, M. Joseph, Phillips, Rhonda, Rahtz, Don

Situating Children of Migrants across Borders and Origins: A Methodological Overview: 7 (Life Course Research and Social Policies, 7)

By Bolzman, Claudio, Bernardi, Laura, Le Goff, Jean-Marie

International Handbook of Rural Demography: 03 (International Handbooks of Population, 3)

By Kulcsar, László J., Curtis, Katherine J.

Analysing China's Population: Social Change in a New Demographic Era: 3 (INED Population Studies, 3)

By Attané, Isabelle, Gu, Baochang

Historic Preservation: Caring for Our Expanding Legacy

By Tomlan, Michael A.

Canadian Perspectives on Immigration in Small Cities: 12 (International Perspectives on Migration, 12)

By Tibe Bonifacio, Glenda, Drolet, Julie L.

Human Security: Securing East Asia's Future

By Teh Cheng Guan, Benny

Understanding Society and Natural Resources: Forging New Strands of Integration Across the Social Sciences

By Manfredo, Michael J.

European Somalis' Post-Migration Movements: Mobility Capital and the Transnationalisation of Resources (IMISCOE Research Series)

By Moret, Joelle

Demographic Analysis of Latin American Immigrants in Spain: From Boom to Bust: 5 (Applied Demography Series, 5)

By Domingo, Andreu, Sabater, Albert, Verdugo, Richard R.

Neighbourhood Effects Research: New Perspectives

By van Ham, Maarten, Manley, David, Bailey, Nick, Simpson, Ludi, MacLennan, Duncan

The Indirect Estimation of Migration: Methods for Dealing with Irregular, Inadequate, and Missing Data: 26 (The Springer Series on Demographic Methods and Population Analysis, 26)

By Rogers, Andrei, Little, Jani, Raymer, James

Understanding Neighbourhood Dynamics: New Insights for Neighbourhood Effects Research

By van Ham, Maarten, Manley, David, Bailey, Nick, Simpson, Ludi, MacLennan, Duncan

Neighbourhood Effects or Neighbourhood Based Problems?: A Policy Context

By Manley, David, van Ham, Maarten, Bailey, Nick, Simpson, Ludi, MacLennan, Duncan

Spatial Mobility, Migration, and Living Arrangements

By Aybek, Can M., Huinink, Johannes, Muttarak, Raya

Agent-Based Models of Geographical Systems

By Heppenstall, Alison J., Crooks, Andrew T., See, Linda M., Batty, Michael

Applied Demography in the 21st Century: Selected Papers from the Biennial Conference on Applied Demography, San Antonio, Teas, Januara 7-9, 2007 (Applied Demography Series, 1)

By Murdock, Steve H., Swanson, David A.

Contradictions of Neoliberal Planning: Cities, Policies, and Politics: 102 (GeoJournal Library, 102)

By Taşan-Kok, Tuna, Baeten, Guy