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William Pitt the Younger: A Biography


1 available

The Illustrated Cider with Rosie

By Lee, Laurie

1 available

Hugo Chavez: Oil, Politics and the Emerging Threat to the U.S.

By Kozloff N

1 available

Will In The World: How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare

By Greenblatt, Stephen

1 available

Calvin (Lancaster Pamphlets)

By Mullett, Michael

3 available

The Ongoing Moment

By Dyer, Geoff

1 available

Dangerous Enthusiasm: William Blake and the Culture of Radicalism in the 1790s (Clarendon Paperbacks)

By Mee, Jon

1 available


By Hickman, Katie

1 available

Touch The Earth: A Self- Portrait of Indian Existence

By McLuhan, T.C., McLuhan, T C, McLuhan, T.C.

1 available

Charles Rennie Mackintosh (Pitkin Guides)

By Fiona Davidson, Davidson, Fiona

1 available

Founding Mothers: The Women Who Raised Our Nation

By Roberts, Cokie

1 available

Mitterrand: A Political Biography

By Northcutt, M. Wayne

1 available

The World of the Brontes (Pitkin Guides)

By Pitkin

1 available

The Routledge Dictionary of Twentieth-Century Political Thinkers

By Benewick, Robert

1 available

Battle of Britain: A day-to-day chronicle, 10 July-31 October 1940

By Patrick Bishop

1 available

The Warrior Queens: Boadicea's Chariot

By Fraser, Lady Antonia

1 available

The Warrior Queens : Boadicea's Chariot Part One

By Antonia Fraser

1 available

Lazarillo de Tormes: (La Vida de Lazarillo de Tormes Y de Sus Fortunas Y Adversidades) (Aris & Phillips Hispanic Classics)

By Keith Whitlock, Victor Dixon, David Rowland

1 available

Awakening Lives: Autobiographies of Jewish Youth in Poland Before the Holocaust

By Shandler, Jeffrey

Henry Ford and the Jews: The Mass Production of Hate

By Baldwin, Neil

The Polymath: A Cultural History from Leonardo da Vinci to Susan Sontag

By Burke, Peter

Thinking in Time: An Introduction to Henri Bergson

By Suzanne Guerlac

Livia: First Lady of Imperial Rome

By Barrett, Anthony A.

The Last Days of the Jerusalem of Lithuania: Chronicles from the Vilna Ghetto and the Camps, 1939-1944

By Kruk, Herman, Harshav, Benjamin, Barbara

Voices from the Past

By Levy, Herbert

A Train in Winter: A Story of Resistance, Friendship and Survival in Auschwitz (The Resistance Quartet)

By Moorehead, Caroline

Introduction to Documentary

By Nichols, Bill

My German Question: Growing Up in Nazi Berlin

By Gay, Peter

Anne Frank: The Biography

By Müller, Melissa, Kimber, Rita, Robert

I Remember Nothing More

By Szwajger, Adina Blaby