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Fun with Kirk and Spock (Star Trek: A Parody): Watch Kirk and Spock Go Boldly Where No Parody has Gone Before! (Star Trek Gifts, Book for Trekkies, Movie Books, Humor Gifts, Funny Books)

By Cider Mill Press, Robb Pearlman


By Lem, Stanislaw, Kandel, M.

Space Cadet

By A. Heinlein, Robert

The Masterharper Of Pern: (Dragonriders of Pern: 15): an outstanding and awe-inspiring epic fantasy from one of the most influential fantasy and SF novelists of her generation (The Dragon Books, 15...

By McCaffrey, Anne

Waking Gods: Themis Files Book 2

By Neuvel, Sylvain

Outer Earth: The Complete Trilogy: The exhilarating space adventure you won't want to miss

By Boffard, Rob

Redshirts: The laugh out loud meta sci fi adventure

By Scalzi, John

All The Weyrs Of Pern: (Dragonriders of Pern: 11): this is where it all began and could be where it all ends… from one of the most influential SFF writers of all time (The Dragon Books, 11)

By McCaffrey, Anne

Killashandra (The Crystal Singer Books, 2)

By McCaffrey, Anne

Moreta - Dragonlady Of Pern: the compelling and moving tale of a Pern legend... from one of the most influential SFF writers of all time (The Dragon Books, 7)

By McCaffrey, Anne

Hitch-Hikers Guide - Radio Scripts

By Adams, Douglas, Perkins, Geoffrey

The Renegades Of Pern (The Dragon Books)

By McCaffrey, Anne

The Crystal Singer (The Crystal Singer Books)

By McCaffrey, Anne

Nerilka's Story & The Coelura

By McCaffrey, Anne

Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand (Star Wars: The New Jedi Order)

By Allston, Aaron

Star Wars: The New Jedi Order - Dark Journey

By Cunningham, Elaine

Force Heretic II: Refugee (Star Wars: The New Jedi Order)

By Williams, Sean, Dix, Shane

Edge of Victory II: Rebirth (Star Wars: The New Jedi Order)

By Keyes, Greg

The Algebraist

By Banks, Iain M.

Dragonsdawn: (Dragonriders of Pern: 9): discover Pern in this masterful display of storytelling and worldbuilding from one of the most influential SFF writers of all time… (The Dragon Books, 9)

By McCaffrey, Anne

The Reality Dysfunction: Bk.1 (Night's Dawn Trilogy)

By Hamilton, Peter F.

Doctor Who Wetworld

By Michalowski, Mark

ANGELEYES: 7 (Freehold)

By Williamson, Michael

Star Wars: Bloodline

By Gray, Claudia

Surface Detail

By Banks, Iain M.

Halo: Silent Storm

By Troy Denning

Navigators of Dune: Volume 3 (The Great Schools of Dune)

By Herbert, Brian, Anderson, Kevin J.

Hard Contact: Star Wars Legends (Republic Commando): 1 (Star Wars: Republic Commando - Legends)

By Traviss, Karen

Bear Head

By Adrian Tchaikovsky

Halo: Retribution

By Troy Denning