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Scandal in a Digital Age

By Mandell, Hinda, Chen, Gina Masullo

1 available

Media Policy and Music Activity

By Malm, Krister, Wallis, Roger

1 available

Writers' and Artists' Yearbook 1996 (Reference)

By A & C Black Publishers Ltd

1 available

Filmmakers' Yearbook 2007

By Tuttle, Tricia

1 available

The Global Jukebox: The International Music Industry (Communication and Society)

By Burnett, Robert

1 available

The Imperfectionists

By Rachman, Tom

Grains of Truth: Grain of Truth & Another Grain of Truth

By Jack Webster

Essential Finance for Journalists

By O'Kane, Brian, Brindle, Ian

Television in Europe (European Studies)

By Coleman, James, Rollet, Brigitte

Stet: an Editor's Life

By Athill, Diana

Witness. The World's Greatest News Photographers.

By Golden, Reuel.

Researching and Writing Dissertations in Hospitality and Tourism (Tourism and Hospitality Management Series)

By Clark, Mona, Wood, Roy C., Riley, Michael

MR BIG: Ozzy, Sharon and My Life as the Godfather of Rock

By Arden, Don, Wall, Mick, Wall, Mick


By Bernard, Andre

Twentieth-century Advertising

By Saunders, Dave

Nova 1965-1975

By David Gibbs, David Hillman, Harri Peccinotti

The Last Party: Scenes from My Life with Norman Mailer

By Mailer, Adele


By Nelson, Michael

Inside Journalism (Career Builders Guides)

By Niblock, Sarah

Sampler 2: Art, Pop and Contemporary Music Graphics

By Intro, Intro


By Gardiner, Juliet

Monopoly and Competition in British Telecommunications: The Past, the Present and the Future (Science, Technology & the International Political Economy)

By Harper, J.M., Owen, Geoffrey

The Stories of Facebook, Youtube and Myspace: The People, the Hype and the Deals Behind the Giants of Web 2.0

By Sarah Lacy


By Grimshaw, Caroline

Hello Girls: Hunks from the 70s Magazine Ads (Ad Nauseam S.)

By Ad Archives

You Mean a Woman Can Open it?: The Woman's Place in the Classic Age of Advertising (Ad Nauseam S.)

By Unknown

Just What the Doctor Ordered: Health and Grooming in the Classic Age of Advertising (Ad Nauseam S.)

Pastoral Symphony

By Pincher, Chapman

Confessions from Correspondentland: The Dangers And Delights Of Life As A Foreign Correspondent

By Bryant, Nick

What Do We Mean by Local?

By Mair, John, Keeble, Richard Lance, Fowler, Neil