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Sports Injuries

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Resource Manual for Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription


Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription


Serious Cycling

By Burke, Edmund R.

A Colour Atlas of Injury in Sport

By Williams, J.G.P.

Strength Training for Sport (Olympic Handbook of Sports Medicine)

By Kraemer, William J.

Road Cycling (Olympic Handbook Of Sports Medicine)

By Gregor

Physical Therapies in Sports and Exercise

By Kolt BSc BAppSc(Phty) Grad DipEd GradDipBehavHlthCare PhD, Gregory, Snyder-Mackler PT ATC ScD SCS, Lynn

Sport First Aid

By Melinda J. Flegel

Fundamentals of Sports Injury Management

By Anderson, Marcia K., Hall, Susan J., Balado, Donna

Sports Therapy: Theoretical and Practical Considerations for the Manual Therapist (Sports Science)

By Briggs, James

Sports Injuries: Diagnosis and Management for Physiotherapists

By Norris, Christopher M.

Facilitated Stretching

By McAtee, Robert E., Charland, Jeff

Science and Medicine in Sport

By Fricker, P. A., Fitch, K. D., Bloomfield, John

Therapeutic Exercise for Lumbopelvic Stabilization: A Motor Control Approach for the Treatment and Prevention of Low Back Pain, 2e

By Richardson PhD BPhty(Hons), Carolyn, Hodges PhD MedDr DSc BPhty(Hons) FACP, Paul W., Hides PhD MPhtyST Bphty, Julie

Key Topics in Sports Medicine

By Narvani, A.A., Thomas, P., Lynn, B.

Understanding Sports Massage

By Patricia J. Benjamin, Scott P. Lamp

Exercise Physiology: Human Bioenergetics and Its Applications

By Brooks, George A., Fahey, Thomas D.

Sports Chiropractic (Topics in Clinical Chiropractic)

By MOOTZ, Robert, McCarthy, Kevin

Nutritional Needs of Athletes

By Brouns, Fred

Ready Notes to Accompany Fundamental Principles of Exercise Physiology

By Robergs

ACSM's Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription

By Balado, Donna

Rehabilitation in Sports Medicine

By Canavan, Paul

Exercise and Stress Response - The Role of Stress Proteins: 6

By Marius Locke & Earl G. Noble

Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement Impairment Syndromes, 1e

By Sahrmann PT PhD FAPTA, Shirley

Dry Needling for Manual Therapists: Points, Techniques and Treatments, Including Electroacupuncture and Advanced Tendon Techniques

By Giles Gyer, Jimmy Michael and Ben Tolson

Low Back Disorders

By McGill, Stuart

Tendon And Ligament Healing: A New Approach to Sports and Overuse Injury

By Weintraub, WILLIAM

Oxygen Uptake Kinetics in Sport, Exercise and Medicine

By Jones, Andrew M.

Athletic Ability And The Anatomy Of Motion

By Wirhed Fil Lic, Rolf

The Soccer Goalkeeper

By Luxbacher, Joseph A., Klein, Gene