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Terrorism & Freedom Fighters Biographies

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Perfect Hostage

By Wintle, Justin

Fighting Evil: The Ordinary Man who went to War Against ISIS

By Gifford, Macer, McNab, Andy

Revenge: A Story Of Hope

By Blumenfeld, Laura

Revenge: A Love Story

By Blumenfeld, Laura

Homeland Elegies: A Barack Obama Favourite Book

By Akhtar, AYAD

Killer on the Streets (Blake's True Crime Library)

By McLagan, Graeme, Lowles, Nick

Wounds: A Memoir of War and Love

By Keane, Fergal

The Life and Times of Che Guevera

By David Sandison

Mr Nice & Mrs Marks: - Adventures with Howard

By Marks, Judy

TALKING TO TERRORISTS: Face to Face with the Enemy

By Taylor, Peter

Che Guevara

By Sandison, David

Application Of Impossible Things: A Near Death Experience in Iraq

By Natalie Sudman

Dongri to Dubai: Six Decades of Mumbai Mafia

By Zaidi, S. Hussain

PRIEST AND PARTISAN: The South African Journey of Father Michael Lapsley

By Worsnip, Michael

Death of a Soldier: A Mother's Search for Peace in Northern Ireland

By Restorick, Rita

Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life

By Anderson, Jon Lee

The Osama Bin Laden I Know: An Oral History of Al-Qaeda's Leader

By Bergen, Peter

The Age of Assassins: The Rise and Rise of Vladimir Putin: How Scary Are Russia's New Rulers?: The Story of Russia's Secret Takeover

By Yuri Felshtinsky, Vladimir Pribylovsky

One Unknown: A powerful account of survival and one woman's inspirational journey to a new life

By Hicks, Gill

9-11: A Tribute

By Press Association

Growing Up Bin Laden: Osama's Wife and Son Take Us Inside Their Secret World

By Sasson, Jean, Bin Laden, Najwa, Bin Laden, Omar

Death Before Dishonour

By Davies, Nicholas

Never Follow the Wolf: Autobiography of a Namibian Freedom Fighter

By Shityuwete, Helao

War Plan Iraq: 10 Reasons Against War with Iraq

By Rai, Milan, Chomsky, Noam, Chomsky, Noam

Fifty Dead Men Walking

By McGartland, Martin

Stress Test: Reflections on Financial Crises

By Geithner, Timothy

Murder in Samarkand - A British Ambassador's Controversial Defiance of Tyranny in the War on Terror

By Murray, Craig

Blair Unbound

By Anthony Seldon, Peter Snowdon, Daniel Collings

Out of the Tunnel

By North, Rachel

Sniper in Helmand

By James Cartwright