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Man's Search For Meaning: Classic Editions (Rider Classics)

By Frankl, Viktor E

The Hidden Genius of Emotion: Lifespan Transformations of Personality (Studies in Emotion and Social Interaction)

By Magai, Carol, Haviland-Jones, Jeannette

Personality Development: A Psychoanalytic Perspective

By Hindle, Debbie

Narcissism: Denial of the True Self

By Lowen, Alexander

Little Giant Encyclopedia Of Handwriting Analysis (LITTLE GIANT ENCYLOPEDIAS)

By The Diagram Group

Personality Plus: How To Understand Others by Understanding Yourself, Revised, Expanded Edition

By Littauer, Florence

Between Us: How Cultures Create Emotions

By Mesquita, Batja

Motivation and Personality

By Maslow, Abraham H., Frager, Robert D. (Editor), Fadiman, James (Editor)

Personality Development

By Hurlock, Elizabeth B.

Identity - The Real Me: Postmodernism and the Question of Identity (ICA Documents 6) (ICA Documents S.)

By Lisa Appignenesi

Human Motivation

By Franken, Robert E.

Secrets of the Resilient Empath: Protect Your Energy & Cultivate Your Gifts as a Highly Sensitive Person

By Parker, Jennifer Lauren

Cry of Wonder: Our Own Real Identity

By Hughes, Gerard W.

A Theory of Human Motivation (Psychology Classics)

By Maslow, Abraham H, Webb, David

The Five Elements: Understand Yourself and Enhance Your Relationships with the Wisdom of the World's Oldest Personality Type System

By Dondi Dahlin

The Birthday Book: What the day you were born says about you

By von Strunckel, Shelley

The Enneagram Advantage: Putting the 9 Personality Types to Work in the Office

By Palmer, Helen, Brown, Paul B.

I'm Ok--You're Ok

By Harris, Thomas

The Drama of the Gifted Child: The Search for the True Self, Third Edition

By Miller, Alice

The Art and Science of Personality Development

By Mcadams, Dan P.

Awakening Earth: Our Next Evolutionary Leap

By Russell, Peter

Knowing Me, Knowing You: Exploring personality type and temperament

By Goldsmith, Malcolm

The Birthday Book: What the day you were born says about you

By von Strunckel, Shelley

Self Consciousness: An Alternative Anthropology of Identity

By Cohen, Anthony

Alchemies of the Mind: Rationality and the Emotions

By Elster

A Networked Self: Identity, Community, and Culture on Social Network Sites

By Papacharissi, Zizi

What Life Could Mean to You.

By Adler, Alfred; newly translated by Colin Brett:

Don't Believe Everything You Think: The 6 Basic Mistakes We Make in Thinking

By Thomas E. Kida

Taking the Work Out of Networking: Your Guide to Making and Keeping Great Connections

By Wickre, Karen

The Secret Language of Birthdays: Unique Personality Profiles for Every Day of the Year

By Goldschneider, Gary, Elffers, Joost