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Theory of Psychoanalysis

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The Interpretation of Murder: The Richard and Judy Bestseller

By Rubenfeld, Jed

1 available

Gothic Radicalism: Literature, Philosophy and Psychoanalysis in the Nineteenth Century

By Smith, A.

1 available

Five Lectures on Psychoanalysis (Penguin 60s S.)

By Freud, Sigmund

1 available

The Anorexic Mind (Tavistock Clinic Series)

By Lawrence, MARILYN

Jung for Beginners (Introducing)

By Hyde, Maggie, Maggie; McGuinness, Michael

Fragile Self: The Structure of Narcissistic Disturbance

By Mollon

The Perversion of Loss (Whurr Series In Psychoanalysis)

By Levy, Susan, Lemma, Alessandra

The Therapeutic Relationship 2e

By Clarkson, Petruska, Wilson, Stefanie

Attachment Theory and the Psychoanalytic Process

By Cortina, Mauricio, Marrone, Mario

You Ought To!: A Psychoanalytic Study of the Superego and Conscience (Psychoanalytic Ideas)

By Barnett, Bernard

Sex, Death, and the Superego: Experiences in Psychoanalysis

By Britton, Ronald

Shame and Jealousy: The Hidden Turmoils (The Psychoanalytic Ideas Series)

By Mollon, Phil

Matters of Life and Death: Psychoanalytic Reflections

By Akhtar, Salman

Sexual States of Mind (The Harris Meltzer Trust Series)

By Donald Meltzer

Child-Centred Attachment Therapy: The CcAT Programme (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy)

By Gall, Maggie

Developmental Science and Psychoanalysis: Integration and Innovation (Developments in Psychoanalysis)

By Fonagy, Peter

Play and Reflection in Donald Winnicott's Writings (The Donald Winnicott Memorial Lecture Series)

By Green, Andre

Exploring the Work of Donald Meltzer: A Festschrift

By Margaret Cohen, Alberto Hahn

Life Lessons from Freud (School of Life)

By Kahr, Brett, School of Life, The

Science, Systems and Psychoanalysis

By Langs, Robert

Sincerity and Other Works: Collected Papers of Donald Meltzer

By Meltzer, Donald

The Baby and the Bathwater

By Coltart, Nina

Between Freud and Klein: The Psychoanalytic Quest for Knowledge and Truth

By Limentani, Adam

The Emotional Experience of Learning and Teaching (Routledge Education Books)

By Isca Salzberger-Wittenberg, G. Williams, E. Osborne

Narratives of Love and Loss: Studies in Modern Children's Fiction

By Rustin, Margaret, Rustin, Michael

Touch: Attachment and the body (The Bowlby Centre Monograph Series)

By White, Kate

Affect Regulation, Mentalization and the Development of the Self

By Fonagy, Peter

Working Below the Surface: The Emotional Life of Contemporary Organisations (Tavistock Clinic Series)

By Huffington, Clare, Halton, WILLIAM, David, Armstrong, Pooley, Jane

Striving Towards Wholeness

By Hannah, Barbara

Weathering the Storms: Psychotherapy for Psychosis

By Jackson, Murray